Tending the Dudley Forum

Anything you guys want done about this place?

I can help a bit with modifications to posts and threads.

Drop your thoughts in here.

make me a mod.

or just delete the all pages cept the first 2

tell Salpal i miss him

keep trolling.

The board needs clean-up.

idk wat ur talkin about.

this board is fine
just delete all but the first 2 pages srs

yeah, except don’t delete the matchup threads, which I found was a bad idea to keep on separate threads.

nah delete them
they wont matter after AE.
And i dont think we’ll have a whole other section of the SF4 threads like we did super.
So delete them when AE comes out.
Noone looks at them anyway.
anyone that does is ass.
its true.
i’ve seen it.

Please specify exactly which threads you want locked. I will only delete bot threads or really really stupid stuff that probably deserves an infraction.

i got a job…sry.

i had to back off fighting games completely to get my life on track.

I figured someone would’ve torn my stickies down and rebuilt them. though it isn’t like the two that remain really needed tending much.

If I were a mod, I wouldn’t do anything to anything right now. No point. Wait for AE. Somebody should make new threads for that (somebody that’s a decent enough player, a decent enough writer, with enough free time and drive to actually man the threads), and keep it moving from there.

Cleaning up now is kinda pointless.

You cant be mod.
You have no dig…

If salpal isnt already a mod he should be mod


Meh. This isn’t my setion anyway. I’m meant to be focusing on Ryu - Zangief but I’ve been answering to calls for other areas where needed.

If you guys need anything give me a shout or one of the more active mods on the SSF4 board like sosage, Mr.SNK or joonthebaboon.
Or get a super mod like pryde.

If one of you wants to be a mod aswell talk to an admin about it. You never know you might convince them to let you in or something. Don’t say I sent you though because i’m not. I applied at a time when they were looking for extra mods.

best new troll

Well whatever, SRK decided to get some new mods to help with stuff like this. Its a shame that the community mistakes a helping hand for trolling.

I thought he was talking about himself.

(insert good point here)


General territories:

Announcements - Dudley

Alright contact Mr.SNK if you guys need anything. Thread closed.

Thread re-opened after recieving this PM:

Please don’t troll me or this thread guys. If you don’t want me to help then just contact another mod and get them to help. If you troll too much I’ll lock the thread again and give warnings/infractions as I deem fit. I’m here to help. We’re on the same side guys.

Say what you want changed and I’ll help where I can and when I have time.

Honestly, I think we need a lot of threads deleted. There is a lot of clutter and a lot of the stickies are older and could use newer threads. Of course I would wait for the opinions of some of our other regulars(ThirtyFour, Mellow etc.) before making any crazy changes. I think we need to just either archive/delete a lot of the older stuff. I’ll gladely sit down and rewrite the threads here in my office while I have down time at work or even at home in the evening.

How does this sound to everyone? Good idea? What threads should be deleted/archived?

Thread should be remade before old threads get deleted/locked/unstickied.

Only thread I can see stickied that should be replaced and locked is the matchup threads maybe. Someone going to remake, pretend they will maintain it forever and just leave 3-6 months later. Most matchups didn’t change much so I don’t even think it’s worth remaking and someone already made a topic for the Twins. Just remake the thread with the links to character match up threads since he isn’t around to update the first post with links.