Tending the Dudley Forum

I honestly believe the whole board should be deleted and just re-make Matchup, Combos / Mixups, General Discussion, Frame Data, and idk what else. I’ve been in training a lot so maybe I can redo the Matchup. Up to you guys on what you think.

Basically, just wipe out the Dudley forums completely and just make stickies that are important, not what isn’t needed. It’s AE, so let’s start fresh.

IMO the match up threads are really cluttered and filled with useless week1 kind of stuff, also the AE changes might affect some of them. They could really need some sort of collection of essentials on the first page.

A fresh Q&A thread with a proper FAQ would be great, especially since as far as I’ve understood SalPal doesn’t really hang around here any more. Proper FAQ would itself help to prevent useless threads and further clutter.

I’d imagine Mellow will update the Gentleman’s encyclopedia since he’s that active here, so that should be ok.

TLDR; one dedicated fresh match thread with compiled first page info, new fresh Q&A thread with a FAQ, other stickys are ok.

EDIT: just noticed Mellows anwer, complete wipe wouldn’t be that bad either I guess, but there would be some gems lost, I think it’s better to let the old threads to be there and just renew stickies.

I’d like a complete reboot pls.

delete everything, keep all the stickies except matchups. the matchups are based on stuff from 2010 early summer time.

no dont listen to him

complete reboot

that’s what I implied earlier, but I know that nobody is going to work on 4-5 stickies. Now if anyone is gonna do at least 1, then refresh forum.

Agreed. I can work on any threads you guys don’t want. I got free time every evening for this.

I think I should PM a mod to delete everything on the Dudley forums, hopefully it’s a special permission / request.

I’m not gonna delete everything just because its from SSF4. People still play SSF4 or may want to reference something sometime.

It’s not that it’s SSF4 info… it’s that it’s bad info.

To the mod who hid/deleted/whatever my post titled “Notes on Duo and Trowa” could you place undo whatever you did to it. The information in there was actually kind of useful in regards to dealing with the twins and I would like to add to it at some point. Thanks.

PM a mod or post on their wall.

Okay mate, I undeleted it for you. I soft deleted a bunch of threads and I hesitated in doing so in fear that something like this might happen. Anyway, its back now. You can add to it.

Why would you do that when no one asked for it?

how come when i post in some threads i get logged out

Ok I’ll bite.

How are you a mod? Seriously?

The calls to delete threads came BEFORE East put up a NEW thread, with NEW information. Obviously those calls to delete OLD threads, would not apply to a new thread.

Also, as a mod… shouldn’t you… I don’t know… read the thread before you take action? The idea that you didn’t want to delete it, in “fear” that you would delete a thread that shouldn’t have been deleted is a joke. If you actually READ the thread, like a moderator is supposed to, you could tell that the thread was new, in progress, and should have been left alone. I mean… people were calling on you to delete the old threads from super. The thread you deleted is about Yun and Yang…


prepares for infraction/ban, since Mr. Flowers has shown himself to be ridiculously sensitive already in this joke of a thread

u gonna git it now brah

There was no agreement on what to delete.

Thirtyfour is a troll as pointed out in the 3rd post of this thread.

i dont even troll anymore