Tengu stone reset

Here’s a short vid I just put together demonstrating the ability to reset mid-screen.

part 1

part 2

This might be common knowledge but I’ve never seen it before and until yesterday I didn’t even think it was possible. If you think it looks easy go and try it against ken.

Well done, Desk. I never thought of cancelling a close Jab so quickly. The question is, how easy is it to parry out of compared to the corner resets?

man, I wish I had a way of testing that. I’m always concered when I learn some new reset or ‘unblockable’ that when I play against someone good they’ll get out of it straight away.

This mid-screen thing is ridiculusly hard to do though. I remember testing it a few weeks back when I had the idea and I literally didn’t get it once. I assumed it was impossible. Then the other day fighting the cpu I just thought I would randomly go for it and it worked. I can’t imagine ever being consistent enough with it to use it in competition, but it’s cool to know that it’s there.

Out of interest, in your experience do you find corner resets parried often? I’m thinking about cr. fierce xx tengu, st. roundhouse. It’s my favourite corner tactic at the mo but I haven’t had any real comp for a hella long time. Again i’m concerned that it’ll be useless against a good player.

Against my main competition, a person that had played against Oro for over 3 years, he can successfully parry EX Tengu resets about 3/4 of the time. It’s not a total loss, because I always get to continue my pressure strings when he lands.

You actually get the most payload off a reset when the person starts to parry it and messes up. Let’s say you chicken combo into low Fierce xx EX Tengu. If the person simply takes the hits, it does significantly less damage than if the person managed to parry once or twice and got hit by the rest of the rocks. That’s because resets are scaled (damage, stun, and juggle points) as if they comboed from the setup.

Here’s another example: Yagyou resets. If the person attempts to parry the Yagyou and fails after a hit or two, you can easily get two Roundhouses off for massive stun and damage (juggle points are also reset). However, if the person only takes the hits, you can only get one Roundhouse off, and it doesn’t do nearly as much stun and damage. Smart anti-Oro players never parry Yagyou resets unless they’re almost dead or stunned.

that’s hella useful thanks. I’d known about the dangers of parrying the yagyu in the corner but I didn’t really know about the stones. Thanks man. So Do you think if I have the option in the corner it’s better most of the time to go for the reset?

<<<I’m feeling the oro love and I’ve changed my av.

If you’re using Yagyou, always go for the reset. You’ll make that meter back in no time. As for Tengu, you’ll want to mix it up. Resets are great, but combos are guaranteed.

WOW very useful jab mid screen good for the kill interesting.

hahahah thanks for letting this trick outta the bag desk, i was hoarding this secret for a while

you can also do the same midscreen reset with yagou on fat characters like dudley, just do the jab early then cancel right into yagou and it’ll stay hitting.

it’s not useful, but it’s fancy

haha, the only reason I ‘let the cat out of the bag’ was because I’m fairly confident no-one (including myself) will be able to consistently pull it off. If you’re playing Q fair enough but against any of the top 3 I can’t see it happening. Far too much risk involed and when it fails you’re opponent gets to block.

this is the thread of the almightly oro avatars, bo!

I would ask somewhere else but since this thread is getting comments I’ll do it here.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to improve my game loads. Looking at all aspects of my playing. Remembering to do air throws, charge partitioning fireballs as much as possible etc, etc. Anyway, one of the things I’ve stopped doing is st. strong xx chicken too much (when it isn’t guaranteed). This is because I’m guessing if it’s blocked I’ll get punished. However I’m watching match vids and I’ve noticed that often people get confused by the chicken and block the wrong way or they just can’t get in to punish when you land. So, how much should I be doing it? is it normally safe?

^That reset is pretty pointless, I’ve been all about the basics lately. Mainly because I’ve been playing the same people over and over and that learned my style. I’m going to take a break from playing thoes people or playing my char aganist them.

But the chicken stomp is super annoying, to parry or block at times. I started doing chickenx2. jab reset.j.chicken. Most people think a reset mp is comming so they go for the throw.

I really tired of playing the same people over and over, Hopefully I’ll be moving to cali at the end of the summer to play large amounts of comp.

Desk, basically only do chicken combos after a parry, never do it when you don’t know that it’s gurrenteed. That’s why if I’m not sure, I just do mp 2 hits into rh for stun. Either that or learn which chicken to do on people after mp 2 hits, rh or foward then do mp drill aftwards for knockdown game.

Basically, oro is all about parry baiting, option select everything and try to bait everything. i.e. s.lk tick, walk in, tap down (if they fidget get scared and press something you will parry it into chicken combo), if they don’t fidget, walk in throw.

To play a good oro, either need to turtle like fuck, or if you don’t turtle, you have to option select everything. Option selecting everything will get you the parries you need to win.

Desk: what makes you say/think that this is too hard to do consistently? I’m thinking maybe it’s in the way you perform the motions for this, because after seeing your video, I turned on my game and did it twice in a row on my first two tries against Ryu. After that I missed it a few times, but I can do it at least 70%+ against Ryu, and you mentioned that Ken/Ryu is one of the harder sprites to do it against. I don’t know how you’re doing the motion, but I was doing: [last chicken hit], QCF, LP, QCF+PPP. Again, I don’t know if you’re doing it this way as well, but I would think if you were it wouldn’t be too hard to get a decent consistency…I don’t even have very good execution, but I was doing it fine.

Jinrai: I’ve never heard before that the damage off resets is scaled. In fact, I’ve never even thought about it…I always assumed since the combo counter is reset, everything gets reset…hence the name, and the whole point of it…you take a risk by giving them a chance to parry, but the damage is reset if you hit. So when you say everything is scaled, are you saying that it’s scaled as if the entire thing was a combo…? Because if so, what’s the point then? Like why even do the Tengu corner reset then, when you could just s.MP xx Tengu instead? Are you saying the only reason people do that is for the difference in damage between the c.HP and the 1 hit s.MP? Because that doesn’t seem logical. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe you meant it’s scaled to a degree, but to a lesser degree then if it all comboed?

The reason to go for an Oro reset is to tempt the opponent into trying to escape. You’re daring them to parry out, and if they try and screw up you get a huge benefit out of it. If they decide not to parry the Tengu reset, it ends up doing roughly the same damage as the combo.

There’s a dramatic example of this with Akuma. Do a Short hurricane, then juggle a close Jab and reset into a KKZ. You’ll notice that the KKZ does way less damage than it should, considering it’s not a combo. That’s because the game scales the damage of the super as if it actually comboed!

Interesting…I’ll have to play around with this a little, because I really never even gave it a second thought. Thanks for the info.

I don’t know man, maybe you know something I don’t. I can’t do that shit at all, lol. Are you jabbing early or late? are you walking forward before the roundhouse? are you actually getting the full juggle everytime?

Anyway, look out for part 2 of my tiny and pointless oro vids tomorow:rofl:

desk: that avatar is awesome!

i was wondering if u could enlighten me on what exactly option select is

Option select is when you get to do multiple options in the same situations. I.E. He said tick and tap down if nothing happens your still good go for throw. OR you get the parry and get a free combo. TWO different options.

I was trying to jab as early as possible, that way they’re higher up, giving me the most time before they hit the ground. After the superflash, all I did was mash HK, I didn’t walk forward at all. The first time I did it, I wasn’t really thinking about what to do after that, so I just instinctively went for a t.MP after, and you’re right, I was too far and the rocks didn’t hit, ending the combo, but the second time, I did t.MP again, and it connected right.

I wasn’t really thinking about what came after the s.HK, because I figured if that hits, it’s just a matter of timing after that. It seems like you should always be able to hit them afterwards, you just might have to time a t.MP as late as possible, making it a little harder. I didn’t really play around with j.HK after the s.HK at all…I was more focused on the actual reset, so I’ll try it later.