Tengu-stone set ups

how do you set someone up for max damage with tengu

can’t, it’s random damage by a couple of points, but in the corner, mp(2 hits)xxxex tengu, rhX6, chicken combo end with mp drill

If you activate in the corner, start with vertical jump Roundhouse for more damage.

thanks for the advice i’ll have to try it

what are the best pokes when doing chip damage ten gu

Theres no real combos, just throw out some mixed up lks, c.lks, and UOH. Beward, the UOH’s can be punishable if they block it right.

I’ve started doing jumping HK, HK, cHP, HK, cHP, HK to chicken combo against some of the easier to combo chars in the corner. I don’t know if it does more damage but it looks more interesting.

Also, which does more midscreen, HKs and f.MPs, or Jumping forward HKs and HKs? And what chars does the second thing work against?

thanks man

do you have any ten gu advice aganist dudly

As far as tengu juggles, they are all the same, HKs and f.MPs or just HKs in the corner will work against anyone. Stratagy, well, that I’m not so good at. I know he’s not one of the three chars that falls out of chicken combos, but that doesn’t help a whole lot.

thanks man i will practice alot more to get the combos consistant

i know if the person is in the corner and u user the EX stones you can launch after a successful UOH

You can do the same after a c.lk.

Also, it doesn’t need to be EX-ed, you can link to launch or s.mk with normal tengu too.