Tengu Stone Timing

Whats the timing or is there certain way to have the stones connect? because when i do the chicken combo and cancel into the stones i get the first rep but i cant connect anymore after that eeither in the corner or mid screen can someone tell me what im doing wrong or if there a certain person or way you way to do the super what? im lost with it please help thanks

Hit two punch buttons instead of one when doing the super. This creates EX Tengu. That’s what you use to juggle with.

yo thanks alot for the help man if theres anything else you thinki might need to know just post it up ight thanks peace

All of Oro’s supers are 'EX’able (he actually busts out his second arm to pull them off), try em all out, they’re pretty fancy.

Hahahah, oh man, I never even noticed that! Well, actually, I noticed it, but I never thought about it!

You just started to notice that now? Heh

yeah, all his Ex Supers require use of both arms.

IMO, his Ex TS is better than regular. However when it comes to set ups/cross overs regular TS wins.

his regular tengu is meant for non combo setups like corner traps and such but his ex is good when comboed into or the c.hp air reset setup.

ya usually i just do this for chip damage as it stays out for a while…as for EX combos i do one chick combo then cancel the next close MP into EX stone because it does the most DMG AND STUN…as for combos mid screen you do forward MP-HK-forward MP-HK repeat untill low on bar then fo close MP into chicken combo on the last juggle for the chicken combo do his Oni Yanma ( thats the way i finish any chicken/tengu combo) then in CORNER cancel it at the same time but just do HKs they do stun + the most DMG to MAX out the DMG you have to wait untill they are close to the ground (so more stones hit) then when you are low on bar do MK wait untill he/she is close to the ground then do chicken combo + oni yanma for about 100 dmg i believe against ryu

Besides corner traps, what else can a regualr tengu do?