Tennessee 3rd Strike / Super Turbo Tournament Smyrna, TN Saturday Apr 5 7PM

Soap Opera Laundry & Game Room
1100 Plaza Dr
Smyrna, TN 37167

Saturday April 5, 2008
7 PM
Both games are arcade format

3rd Strike (25 inch widepanel cabinet, ORIGINAL Perfect 360 Sticks, not the Happ garbage out now)
FREE ENTRY (pay for your games)

Super Turbo (if anyone shows up) (19 inch cabinet, Ultimate Hard Springs)

im in, 3s and st

i wish i could make it :frowning:

Damn… a laundromat that has ST and 3S? That almost makes me want to drive out of the way to get my laundry done.

Laundromat has more than that: billiards, and a hair salon!

anyone down for some money matches vs my urien at this?

I am. How much?

most likely 5 a game, lemme see how im feeling when i arrive (3 hour drive)

btw this is your store? stores.ebay.com/ilikevideogames-more ?


And yes, that is my store…

thats a sexy battletoads you got there

Buy it!

Sign me up for 3S.

Are there any TVs in that place, for casuals/side tourneys?
I’d be willing to run a CvS2 tournament if anybody is interested.

Who woulda thought… a REAL arcade in Middle TN…

FS Gamer: It is an arcade tournament, so no console stuff at this one. There is an arcade CVS2 machine there, though.

Really? What kind of stick/buttons does it have?
Do you think would be OK to have casuals or maybe a side tourney on it?

It’s on a 25 inch Capcom Q-Sound blue cabinet.

Uses Ultimate Happ Hard Springs and Convex/Competition Buttons.

Side tourney? If enough people want to play, sure, but I doubt there will be that many, but it’s all you. Casuals? BY all means.

We posted this in the Tennessee arcade thread, the arcade has: 3s, ST, CVS2, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, SVC Chaos, and should have Tekken 5: DR with PS ports by the day of the tourney. We’re planning on putting MVC2 there as well.

Maybe we could do a round robin or something if there is less than 8 people.

What would be the rules if I were to run a CvS2 tourney? Can we set up the machine for free play or do we have to pay for each game?

If a side tourney is not possible, I’m up for CvS2 casuals against anybody.

It’s only a quarter a game, and it needs to make some cash…so I don’t think paying for games on it is a big deal.

You can do the rules any way you want, I know I’ll play in it, just not sure who else will play…

games arent being set to free play for tourny? thats a lol


1st Place - SaDo
2nd Place - everyone else

BTW - dream, i got a dedicated KI cab fo sale in exellent condition ad a MK1, and SF2 CE. i got pics on here soewhere, ll li nk you to them in while

do you buy games?

heres the pics


and you should move that arcade to louisville, right by my house somewhere lol