Tennessee fgc represent


GGs! No you look to be getting the hang of him a bit. You just need to keep working on the character and get a shitload of matches. It’s not about you trying to know every option available to you this early. It’s about you starting a foundation and style, playing a lot of matches, practicing, and the application of new stuff in the next matches. Good shit!


Now I want my Street Fighter vs X-Men 1 & 2 with X-MEN COTA collection. Make it happen Capcom. Need that Rouge on highest speed setting fix. 8)


I kinda wish they would have rereleased A2/3 more so A2. Im tired of all the marvel.


I know right, I played a ton of games online yesterday against a dude from Dream Cancel, his Shen was his best character technically but I was having more trouble against EX Iori, lol. I think the final score was like 22-15 him which isn’t too bad considering he’s considered one of the better online players (DeadmanKoF I think it was). TN is a stronghold for this game right now everyone else is dropping it.

VF seems to be taking away a lot of the good players though. You know who you are.


LOL !!


Wouldn’t say it’s taking anyone away. Just a good game to play with it is all. Imo they are the best 3d and 2d games out there.


GGs in the “local” Virtue Fatter room earlier. Me, Marcus, and Bishop left because Herb wanted some games and his internet sucks so now it’s an offline set.

Dimo!! Or should I say OldSchoolDEMON. Common sense technologicals! Just frame fundamentals! The other Jacky in the room said, “Er, he looks like he plays fgs.” No shit nigga, this is motherfucking OldSchoolDimo! Good shit man. That was a spare of the moment room. Some of the better guys weren’t online atm, except Koenraku (the Kage/El Blaze troll). But I see you out here my guy. You ready to get your head smashed by the elite committee and soak up that exp to fuel your rage. You might need to go ahead and cop the DLC because you’re over the edge now lol.


Appreciate it man, you are still wiping the floor with me though, haha! I have been in training mode since the room disbanded working on combos, Iageri Kick stuff. Man, I wish the DLC whole pack was only $15 or that I bought the game a few weeks back…sadly even if I bought the jacky one it wouldn’t show me all of your guys customs, or so I have heard… and I don’t know if I can drop 30 on custom gear. Regardless, I am really enjoying it and look forward to playing with you guys more.


Korea vs. Mexico KoF stream


are ten thousand people really watching Floe play I Wanna Be The Guy? turns on netflix


thnx bro


Whether this is practical or not, this is just…

[Spoiler=Vid of a milf raping top tier little boys][media=youtube]hF0EV8NLMj8[/media]


New Title

The Tennessee Thread: “Somebody Start it Before Eugene Does, PLEASE !!”


So can anyone actually see anything on the stream? I was going to watch Jason oil Momochi up


Ok for anyone interested I will be hosting tomorrow from 5:00 p.m. will whenever. You guys know the drill by now
-All are invited just msg me if you plan on coming please
-Bring set ups. I will have 2 360s one for Kang and one for VF
-BYOB is ok but keys will get snatched if you try to leave drunk
-Evo stream will be up


ill be there sev


new thread The New TN Thread: Kings of Kang


Anybody interested in a Sega Dreamcast?

How much are these things even worth nowadays?


[media=youtube]HDIC2eWIc1U[/media]Two laws, one game!! Tiger Jackson motherfuckers.


Hey guys Brinsons Gaming will ran by Timothy Houston from now on. I don’t know it he’ll keep it going or not. Good luck to you guys. I’ll be making it out to T&G within the upcoming weeks alone. If you have any questions about Brinsons gaming on Fridays, contact Timothy at 901-483-5622.


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