Tennessee SF4 Tourney April 25th

Tennessee SF4 Tournament April 25th

Fun Fair Arcade
6475 E.Raines rd.
Memphis, TN 38115

Ok guys. So i am trying to do this for the Mid-South. I believe this is a great way to meet gamers and people alike so don’t miss out. This is just the beggening on what’s to come. I have partnered will Gorilla Games and a few other stores for upcoming events!
Basic rules are:

$5.00 Venue fee
$10.00 pot fee
Payout will be a 70/20/10 split for top 3 players.
Double elimination. (basically you have 2 chances)
Each fight will consist of 2 out of 3 rounds; 2 out of 3 matches!

Both PS3 and 360 consoles will be available. If parties cannot agree upon which console to use I will determine which you guys will use.
This event will be BYOC(bring your own controller/stick)
If you bring a complete setup, venue fee will be waived.(setup= Console-TV-SF4)
A few controllers will be avilable if you do not bring one.

Also, for First place winner I will Provide a Gift Card to Gorilla Games. ( it will have more than $25.00!)

And to sweetened the deal for those who are in 21 yrs old or older, i will have a cooler full of FREE Buds, so if you dont play then atleast come and support the scene. For any additional info please send e-mail to midsouthgames@hotmail.com!

Casuls will begin at 3:00pm
Actual Tourney begins at 4:00pm!!!:rock: