Tennessee Street Fighter IV Ranking Battle #1 RESULTS 3/28

24 entrants ROUND ROBIN

  1. Phil “KrazyKorean” Shin 21 WINS-Ryu
  2. Q-Kong 20 WINS-Balrog
  3. Eugene Johnson 19 WINS-Fei Long, Zangief
  4. Max “Tigerboi” 19 WINS (Max beat Tigerboi head to head) Ken
  5. Scott “SDouble” 18 WINS M. Bison
  6. CALE (Cookeville) 18 WiNS E. Honda
  7. Chris “Grand Viper” 17 WINS M. Bison/Ken
  8. Patrick 16 WINS Rufus
  9. Andrew 16 WINS Zangief
  10. Mac 14 WINS Gen/Vega/Sagat
  11. Hunter 14 WINS
  12. Kawan 11 WINS -Dan
  13. Ron “SamuraiLincoln” 11 WINS Vega
  14. Manny 10 WINS Ken
  15. Vergel 9 WINS Ken
  16. Charlie “CODEZ” 9 WINS (Vergel beat Charlie head to head)-Sakura
  17. Sam 7 WINS
  18. Armando 6 WINS -Ken
  19. Antonio 6 WINS - Guile (Armando beat Antonio Head to Head)
  20. Richard 5 WINS -Akuma/Sagat
  21. James 5 WINS (Richard beat James head to head) -Vega
  22. Emmanuel 3 WINS
  23. Brian 1 WIN
  24. Emone 0 WINS

robbed i tell you… it was the sticks! the sticks!

seriously, though, it was fun :slight_smile: still have no desire to play SF4 outside of random get togethers

Good shit everyone. Top 5 really doesn’t surprise me. That was too much fun though. Can’t wait for the next one.

Grand Viper: I honestly would have thought it would have been Eugene, Phil, then Max, but Q Kong beating Eugene was shocking, and the forfeit and losing to Scott really hurt him, but he was the best player there. Phil is just a lot more determined and it shows in his standings. He’s learning how NOT to lose…Q Kong getting second shows how little experience everyone here has with Balrog. Same goes for Sagat. Those two characters will gobble everyone because no one is using them…everyone is getting much better and much more patient, so it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Now if only Charlie would punish people correctly with that combo = P

:wow: DreamTR; how long did this take? How many stations? :wow:


gs gs gs

Krazy Phil is too strong

Good shit guys, yeah bison is a weird match up for fei and eugene did seem off his game some. in the double elim next time i am going to gurantee eugene will top 4 min. dude is a beast.

phil is a good player though and wilson is right, he’s learned how to not lose very well. his combos are getting there for sure too.

i lost to some people i shouldn’t have and that hurt me as well. i’m coming for blood in the next one!


Nagata: 6 hours, 1 machine. We did 2/3 rounds 1 match.

SDouble: You lost to Richard, but beat Eugene…Holy WTF? Richard’s getting better though. That’s what I like about this tourney, a lot of WTFs were going on.

Dangerous people to look out for next tourney:
Cale if he keeps learning quickly
Scott because he’s never even PLAYED anyone in person until this weekend
Patrick if he masters Rufus
Eugene if he does not fuck around. Remember, Eugene beat the top players there when he needed to, but screwed around a lot and STILL had 19 wins and had to forfeit once too…that’s scary

I’m excited for April 11…

First thing that came to my mind too :wow: :looney:

Wow good shit, come over here and host our tournies, I want them to be that smooth too :wow: .

Magneto: It’s all about DQs if people are not around. You have to cut out the waiting time. If a match is over, another one shows up. We probably could have gotten this one out faster too, but at MWC, we start on time, and end quick. We’ve essentially been running it military style now the past three years…

I know some people at other tournaments don’t want people to be DQed because they are “getting food” and stuff, but it’s a schedule, and we all have to adhere to it, or else people (EVERYONE) ends up taking advantage of the situation.

Sooner we get done, sooner everyone can eat. No 292812 hour 5 day tournaments for us.

yeah be there or get fucked. thanks for the props wilson, i’ve been working my ass off. it’s been like over a year since i played people in person lol. SAD, but i’m back and ready to fuck couches up hehe.

wilson tournies are so damn pro!