Tennessee Thread - Arcade Edition and Turtle Nuts

Wanted to make this for obvious reasons.


My post from the old thread:

Was so prepared to do this, but then I saw his humble post regarding their match and didn’t have the heart.

Hell no.

It’s like you said man, Football is easy…Street Fighter is hard. Just be smart with your cheddar like I know you are and you’ll never have to work a day in your life after you retire, then you can kick it with us and beast in SF (yes we’ll still be playing because you’ll get your cake early and retire at like, 28).

Can we trend the data in an excel spreadsheet?

Yes. Been a minute since i’ve seen this. It was even better the second time around. Some parts of that video sync up so well it’s scary.

Also, open to thread title suggestions.

Bitchass reporting in.

My post from the old thread:


Doesn’t smell the same as the last one.


Is your daddy really the mayor of this town?

No, my daddy is really mad dog mccree and the mayor is just a figment of my imagination cuz im on drugz les go to a party tonight welp see you back in town lol

Which thread do i use?!?!?!?! Im so confused!!!

Edit: WOW. Nevermind. Apparently I just had a momentary lapse into dyslexia and thought the Tallahassee thread was another TN thread, lol

This is what working with arcade machines does to the brain, I think

Mad fun times last night. Like I said, I’ll try to make it up more, but don’t make me play SF again. :< We cans play another gaem? Ruckus, bring GG and teach me stuff? Do waaaaant. Also, you are a true man for your pineapple upside down cocktail business. xD Brofist! :smiley:

Tennessee vs. Tarheels.
Is anyone watching this fucking game? Fucking Crazy!

Dude, this thread is for fighting games n’ shit. Sports are for nerds. Virgin.


Yea, ***.

I’d like to go back to GG. I’d also like a job, so I can go back to GG. I’ll probably give in an go to the tourney on the 8th, paid for by unemployment checks. God bless America!

Yo GG’s to the guys from clarksville and their endless bag of quarters…lol…

GG’s to negro justice as well…

Thanks for the gief tips richard good looking out…

No problem Comrade, keep your green hand strong.

Tonight I learned that the pinnacle of sexual frustration is when someone unironically admits to Dragon Ball Z roleplay-sexting someone sitting at the same dinner table as they are for an entire night.

I hope everyone here has a healthy sex life so you don’t end up like this.

Post of the year 2010

Much GGs to the people I played today.

lookitdisguy: Your Blanka is pretty damn good dude. I dont think I’ve ever been so afraid of his electricity.
Negro Justice: Nice games as usual, I kind of got in the zone on that one match vs. your Cody.
To the randoms: Remember, playing at an arcade is different from playing online lol.