Tennessee Thread - Day 1 Ni**a-Ology

The hub of the Nashville scene:
Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Suite 2005, Nashville, TN 37013
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm

The hub of the Memphis scene:
Mid-South Tournaments and Games
1731 Dancy Blvd, Hornlake, MS 38637
Every Wednesday from 6:00pm-12:00am
$5 Fee

The hub of the Clarksville scene:
Every Wednesday from 5:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Play-N-Trade 1604 Madison Street
Clarksville, TN 37043
(Please bring your own controller)

[INDENT=1]It’s tournament time! Announcing:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]“McCool Takes You to School From Across the Pool” $100 KOF BONUS[/INDENT]

January 7, Saturday
2pm-Street Fighter Arcade Edition v2012
6pm-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

$7 cover, $8 entry per game (all payouts 70/20/10 split)
Bonus money for each pot: If more than 20 people enter ANY of the tournaments, $50 extra will be thrown in to the pot for each!


Game Galaxy Arcade
Inside Hickory Hollow Mall upstairs (park and enter near the food court for closest entrance)
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, TN 37013

Follow Game Galaxy on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Game-Galaxy-Arcade/204834345061

And twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/Game_Galaxy
[INDENT=1]Tourney Thread link here - http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/jan-7-2012-nashville-tn-mccool-takes-you-to-school-from-antioch-tn/138836[/INDENT]

So I am in training mode with Kula in KoF and I’m on rainforest stage - how am I just now noticing how just…wig-splittingly racist this shit is?? lmao.

Training mode with Kula? I’m afraid for what that really mean’s for Chris.

Bishop and I were laughing about that last night. Head-banging fat ladies on France are the new Hype Dog/Fat Bridge Kid.

Hahaha Mac always talks about the one in the middle doing “Dudley Combos”

But yo on some real shit - I keep forgetting about the hold button buffer and it’s fucking amazing. After so much SF it’s awkward to train my hands to hold the button instead of quick taps, but damn it makes a world of difference.

LOL…you guys are hilarious!

Kinetic, sorry for not putting you on blast. I will next time! :wink:

Lol @ abe and his wikipedia teknawlogies. Dude you are wayyy off on the sf structure. Everyone knows the characters are played like this:

Ryu: fireball, get knocked down, wake up dp, mash dp, mash dp some more, cr mk. Random ultra.

Abel: random cod, even from full screen. Always tt or ex tt on wake up. Random ultra

Cody: stop pressing buttons you dumb fuck!, Noooo!, in yo mouff!!!

Honda: headbutt, drop that ass, random leg drop just because he can. Random ultra.

Yun: dive kick, dive kick,dive kick,dive kick,mp,mp,mp,mp,mp, match won.

Rufus: dive kick,dive kick,dive kick, random ex messiah, free ultra, belly flop

Bison: short,short,short,short,short,short,scissors kick, ppl are salty

Rose:mp,cr mp,salty balls, backdash x10, evil smirk

jas: so sagat, who’s your fav basketball team? Sagat: TIGER! Jas: do you have any pets? Sagat: TIGER!! Jas: whats your fav cereal? Sagat: TIGER!!! Jas: is that all you can say? Sagat: TIGER UPPERCUT!!!

I’m really fucking tired of hearing about the Tennessee thread.

Here’s the deal - if you guys can’t get along for whatever reason, then go make another thread, and stay out of each others’ threads. I don’t give a shit who likes who and what your reasoning is - this is a public forum, and I don’t care about your e-penis size, your ego, or your need to overcompensate by trying to make yourself look like Billy Badass via huge tl;dr posts that clog our databases.

The first person that insults any other person for any reason whatsoever is getting infracted, and reported to Mr. Wizard with a recommendation to be IP banned.

If you people can’t get along, then I’ll just close your thread, and every other thread you try and make from this point forward. So help me God, I would rather spend my entire night closing every Tennessee thread that any of you try to make than have to get one more Alert or PM that there is some more drama in the Tennessee thread.

Remember why you’re here, and act like you’ve got some GODDAMN SENSE.

As necessary as that was, I am embarrassed it had to happen…

Guys I smoked like a shitload of things in my head HOWEVER that is not important what is important is that my man negrojustice is like my best friend ever

love you all

LOL man… what the hell is going on in here?

rofl dax

So I’m having some problems getting throws/especially tick throws to come out in KoF. I’ll get forward C instead a lot, which isn’t bad, but not what I want. So say I do a hop C/D or something and it’s blocked and I wanna go for a throw, is the best way:

  • keep holding forward then throw
  • go to neutral, then hold forward, then throw
  • go to neutral, then forward+throw button at the same time
  • something else?

I might be overthinking it but it really is getting kind of frustrating. I’m doing something wrong.

I didn’t realize we were being watched like that…

Anyways onto something fighting related. Can somebody record this finger holding technique Chris is talking about or know of where it’s shown?

If you are there saturday I or someone else that knows can show you. It took me forever to wrap my head around it but it’s really not a hard concept.

Edit: Without being able to show you directly, I’ll give you a simple example. Shawn or Tripp or anyone else jump in if I leave something out or get it wrong.

In SF take Ryu’s staple cr. mk, fireball. Now look at Terry’s cr. hp, lp Power Wave in KoF. With Ryu in SF, you would do cr. mk, qcf and then tap P or maybe even double tap to get your fireball out. In KoF, holding a button repeats the frame over and over again, so if you do Terry’s cr. hp, then QCF and HOLD lp for your Power Wave, it’ll come out every time without the need for multiple taps.

That make any more sense or just confuse you more?

I just hold forward while pressing C/D. That’s just me though, but I think you’re a better player than me so I have no idea.

I don’t have a video, but does this help?

Yeah I work better if I’m just shown. Not gonna be able to go if Phil isn’t going. Unless Pat gave me a ride that would be the only other way.

Ah yeah that command interpreter in the SRK wiki is also a great resource.

And off topic but shouts to Dax, lol. Not sure what brought that on but you my d00d. Word up.

You know exactly what brought that on.

So, looking forward to saturday, gg’s to folks this week. Eugene, Jason and unnamed beanie-stache dee-jay/gief player showed me whats up at the galaxy. BTW, is the tourney double elim?

this is the greatest thing ever


Oh that…word. hahah.


and yeah double elim.