Tennessee Thread- We Got Arcade Edition & Dem Ying Yang Twins ! Do It!

Save your Bike Money

Hastings crew, I won’t be there til shortly before 7:00 PM. If you arrive early and want to set up, please be courteous to other customers who may be in the area, and keep the game volume down til 7:00 PM please.

I think we are going to have a good turnout tonight, so I hope to see everyone this evening.

Who is able to make it tonight. There is gonna be an epic Lycan v Squabbler match we all must shit talk the whole way through

this is going be fucking awesome

HAhahahahahahaha… Why does it have to be epic?.. oh wait… they always are… and they’re fun…

All Memphis MMs are epic come one now. And dammit we need to hold a team ranbat or tourney or something.

If Squab needs some EX Bingo FADC Ultra 1 tips I can help ask Abe haha

Run one tonight for the hell of it…

I have no issue with running an impromptu ranbat, as long as we have enough setups so that newcomers who want to play casuals will be able to get their games in. I just want to be sure everyone gets to play, even if they don’t want to compete, especially if they are new guys.

I wanna MM…

Hell I wanna MM too but my girl is in town this week and I don’t think she’s ok with me going to Hasting’s tonight. Seems like everyone is coming tonight too.

Btw, I’m going to Nashville in the middle of the week (for fiance and arcade SF4), likely Tuesday but plan on staying until at least Thursday. If someone wants to catch a ride with me up there then I got room but I’m not coming back the same day. I know that it’s unlikely anyone can ride with me under those circumstances but just throwing it out there in case.

Your girl can’t take her eyes off you for a few hours? No offense meant of course, but it’s too bad if you can’t make it out. I just tell my wife it’s my ‘guy time’ (no homo lol) and she just sighs and lets me go, haha.

Super Turbo now in Japanese cabinet. SO for next week when you guys come, we have:

ST in Japanese cabinet
3s in Japanese cabinet
SSF4 in Vewlix with online
MVC2/T6 PS3 with online
T6BR with PS ports arcade
Vampire Savior arcade
Jackie Chan Fists of Fire II (the upgraded one with SUpers) in Korean cabinet

I took out Project Justice. Sorry.

It’s highly unlikely. Ask Sev and Joker, she would barely let me play online then and was constantly hitting me with a people while we played :lol:. She’s been on my 360 playing ilomilo for the past 48 hours if the console is on.

Edit: Project Justice is gone :frowning:

So bring her with you. If anyone talks smack or attempts to look at you in an otherwise condescending fashion you can be “Oh yeah? Well GIRLFRIEND SO NYAH!” and get a hug or something. Works every time.


Here you go. http://www.kk.org/streetuse/m_and_m's.jpg

Well big thing is she hates fighting games. There’s no way around that at all. If this was not her last day in town I could probably get away with it but I’m screwed for fighters until tomorrow. Oddly enough, she loves watching me play L4D2, shrug

Shedding a single tear for Roberto…oh well, I’ve got it on DC anyway with all the characters unlocked

Oh well, probably your last chance to see both me and Cylus this year! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try but chances are incredibly slim. I’m taking her and my brother out for a movie in an hour. If Narnia is any good, there’s hope LMAO