TENNESSEE THREAD- We Put Money Matches On Layaway!


10 Threads in a Year… Why?


Because as a whole, we are “that guy”.

Buy it used…

First off, maintenance goes with ANY car you have, not just “expensive” ones, same with body work… To save money, change your own oil, brakes, etc… if you can’t, then you’re not a “car” person… Premium gas really isn’t THAT big of an issue when it comes to price… It’s what $1 more per gallon? If you can’t afford the gas for the car you bought, then you can’t afford the car, plain and simple…

I’ll stop there…


Toyota is a company that will most likely always have heart. Even those that were made in the 80s are still running, and IMO the Camry is much easier to do maintenance than my Ford Aerostar (yes the minivan) or my Jeep Cherokee.


The old Toyota 2 liter is one of the most reliable engines on the road.


My friend’s Guile is hilarious.
“Flash kick to herpes combo. It’s the burn that keeps on burning!” XD


Because people post way more than they play.


Since we have so many threads I figure I might drop a little science on how I keep up with it without having to subscribe to each new one:

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ta-daaa, instant TN thread button. go nuts. the link i’ve got up there is for this thread so you don’t have to worry about following through and changing anything.

As for Toyota, has anybody noticed that their new ad campaign tries really, really hard to make up for all the brake and safety problems they had? Cause lol they are trying their damnedest to make sure everybody knows they make safe cars now.

basically this lmao what’s street fighter


I am so, so sad.
Spain lost.
What. the. fuck. >:|


good thing i bet the swiss (the spread was +1.5 for them at -130)


Buying used is a good idea but just go and price a used BMW that is not a standard 3-series then come back and tell me what you think.

As for doing your own maintenance, you wouldn’t want to do that on a BMW or Mercedes or any car over $30 G’s…unless you plan on tuning the car and even then, I know several guys who are tuner people and go to a shop to get their oil changed and brakes worked on.

only $1 more a gallon? If your car holds 15 gallons…that is $15 extra going into your tank. Times that by 52…you get the point I think.

Bigopinion: Toyota is certainly trying to assure the public their vehicles are safe but they will be fine. Once the buying public realizes that they are honestly making safe cars again and they won’t spend every other month in the repair shop like they would if they bought an American car, they will again be the largest car maker in the world.


Any car over 30Gs? lol… So my Z I should take elsewhere to do oil and brakes?.. I would rather do the brakes and oil myself rather than go to a dealership and allow a 19 year old fresh out of college kid do it (and don’t tell me that’s not true b/c I have two really good friends that work at Lexus and Nissan in the tech area that can vouch for it)… Basic checkup and inspections, yes, but not simple things like changing oil, replacing pads, oil filters, etc…

No I don’t get the point… If you can’t afford the gas, you can’t afford the car… Point being if you have 30 grand to drop on a car, I would hope you are smart enough to have the money for the gas… and who the hell fills their car up 52 weeks a year?..

On a lighter note: Me and O are coming Saturday to GG!!


Once again, if you are coming out to the fight night this evening at Hastings, please consider bringing a setup. The more setups we have, the more games we can get going. Thanks very much in advance.

7:00-10:00 PM. Hastings in Cordova.


I knew it…

this is one of the reasons why i didnt get into TvC series…now they made Mvc3 the same way.

I dont like the button Layout, they should just leave it the way it was…


Well you gotta remember man, nothing is final. This game is still over a year away.


Charles, the was a ballsy bet against Spain… But I guess you have your reasons for betting against them. I think all teams needed that first game out of the way. Things will certainly change now. Uruguay vs South Africa is going to be a good game since that group needs a leader now. No more draw games please.

Spain was very crazy today. They could not execute that final touch for the goal, which is very fucking retarded for a team like Spain. On paper, they are a fucking power house! Goes to show that Tiers don’t mean shit just like in SF!


Yeah, I know. Still sucks, and was an upset nonetheless. :expressionless: Oh well, they better get their thumbs out of their asses next game. backhands Spain on the globe


If D works like a normal attack like the video says then that technically makes four attack buttons…but up+D happens to be a launch. I see what you’re sayin but at the same time if you just re-labeled the attacks as A= LP, B= LK, C= HP, D= HK, bingo: MvC2 controls. But then that would mean the characters had to do specific punches and kicks so I dunno, I guess it just means more freedom to make characters do whatever instead of confining them to punches and kicks? Game design theory bs i don’t even know. Can’t say I disagree with you on TvC controls, they were…not Street Fighter, for sure lol. Reminds me of blazblooboo, D is just another attack but ask anybody fool enough to get serious over some BB and they’ll tell you Drive is some magical one-button miracle game-changer. Noel press D win gaem argh

Air combos are gonna be a point of contention with anybody looking to get serious about some MvC3. “66% combo success rate” is not a number pros wanna hear. TvC why you so dumb

gonna go ahead and admit i replayed that video to listen to the MvC2 music dur hur


you will be suprised to know that my sound actually works today!!! Told you this shit has a mind of it’s own!


If you would stop jizzing on the keyboard, your laptop internals would always stay dry and you wouldn’t have to worry about it…


Yeah this has about as much chance of happening as the oil in the gulf does of magically disappearing.