Tenshin Set Ups

I was wondering what are the best ways to utilize tenshin? I couldn’t find any posts on it, but I tend to use ex Tenshin during a frame trap, usually after a blocked jab.

I’ve seen a few Feis jump in and land tenshin, but that hasn’t really worked with me (maybe I’m doing it too late, or against the wrong character).

Any tips/thoughts?

Going for the tenshin after a blocked jab is also one of my main “setups” for the tenshin. The blocked jab can come from anywhere really, like after a crossup, after a cr.lk or even meaty. Where there’s a jab, there’s an opportunity to use a tenshin.

Using the command grab as meaty on the opponent’s wake up has also been really profitable for me. I just have to set the tone for it. Once I feel like he’s scared and he’s just gonna block after a knockdown, BAM, 250 dmg (at least), thank you very much. Just to give you a specific example:
You know that situation in a round, when you score a knockdown, the other guy has the life lead, but you can kill him with a combo, so he’s not gonna risk the reversal and he can’t quite chip you, but he can kill you with a single medium or hard normal? Well, 9 times out of 10 I will land that meaty tenshin and I will take the round.

Also, if I’m feeling really cheeky, I stop my rekka series after the second one and go for the grab. But I usually leave that one for casual play while goofing around, when I have the nerve to pull that off.

As a slight gimmic although heaps better than the naked rekka/tenshin that shiney mentions is 2 x blocked EX rekka, EX tenshin - cheeky as all hell. Not many players push anything after EX rekka’s because they know how beastly it is on frames and your right in their face. I find the naked rekka/naked tenshin set up to be extremely slow beyond belief, like I’m thinking , how could you even fall for that… :rofl:

The raw jump in does work well only bugger about it is if you actually do score your hit your tenshin whiffs and you look like a tard but thats the same as the jab xx tenshin really.

Straight up meaty’s are not bad either since it blows up any tech attempt.

As a final one I might use EX after a cl.mp in the corner or jump in. You only need the slightest of paces forward, almost nothing.

I try to use it after a blocked jab, but I’m starting to try and use after cl MP, but I never heard of doing it after two blocked ex rekkas. I got to try that.

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I dont know if you guys use this but the BEST tick throw setup into tenshin is** Meaty Cr. Lk**, Cl. St. LK ~OS Cl.St. HP, Hands down! Think about it, This far into The SF4 series and this far into Fei Long’s dominant reign in the game, people expect St. Jab into tenshin. It’s the most universal way to land it.
This blockstring above allows you to catch people that [S]potentially[/S] backdash in the corner after a meaty just in case you’re setting up tenshin. You’ve now given the impression that your opponent shouldn’t backdash and doesnt have the option of jumping because both the meaty Cr.LK and** Cl. St. Lk** will catch them jumping on their preemptive frames!
After you’re done taming them with the first two attacks of the blockstring, you can now go to town. (Of course you’ll need to build confidence in your yomi/oki game) You can either, go for the tenshin and cause your opponent to go into panic (DP like crazy since they cant trust their backdash and cant jump lololol),** bait the DP with the same setup afterwards** (backdashing after the Cl.St.Lk) or frame trapping when they have no idea how to escape this ridiculous 50/50 (walkup grab, walk up frame trap, walk up different variation of tenshin setup). Damn I love this forum again :sunglasses:

Favorite set-up is after pushing your opponent into the corner (either by pressure or following a Rekka knockdown):

Lv2 Focus > release for +5 frames blockstun on fwd Dash> cl.LP xx Tenshin/EX Tenshin

Its not that difficult to pull and puts the opponent on the defense whether you go for Tenshin or continue a blockstring. If they don’t block the Focus, it’s a crumple for you. Easy to visually confirm, and considering the opponent at -5 off of the Focus if you dash in properly, there’s less room to fudge up (vs. the jump-in set-ups which require stricter timing on when you make blockstun).

Nice thing about doing this after a knockdown is that you have time to charge a lv2 focus as a meaty rather than doing it naked (which involves a bit more risk). Against characters with not-so-great wake up options, this is great.

Dammit ZBones… That setup is too good. I turn everyone I get to the corner into Play-Doh. It’s so unfair I almost feel dirty. Almost. Thank you.<div><br></div><div>(I’ve been testing it during the forum downtime and just needed to leave my feedback.)</div>

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/59414/Shiny%20McShine">Shiny McShine</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Dammit ZBones… That setup is too good. I turn everyone I get to the corner into Play-Doh. It’s so unfair I almost feel dirty. Almost. Thank you.<div><br></div><div>(I’ve been testing it during the forum downtime and just needed to leave my feedback.)</div></div>

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>hahahahahahaha lmao it makes me feel like I’m a sinner.  thanks brother, it’s my job to lead!! Only way i can become the best :slight_smile: Got some other things I’d like to reveal soon. They’re already known for the most part, just tweaks showing how to incorporate it into 50/50’s. </span></font>