Does anyone know if the tenshin setups from SF4 are still valid in Super? I’ve been trying the st.LP (on hit) to tenshin and it seems to not work or i’m able to be jabbed out. The blocked St.LP into Ex-Tenshin is solid but i was trying to keep that meter for super. anyone else know if this is not working anymore?


It seems to work the same as it always has. You could be jabbed out of it in SF4 too.

Edit: I just noticed you said st. lp on hit to tenshin. As far as I know, that never worked. I was definitely never able to do it in SF4.


Ok good i’m not crazy then…i had been watching some vids put up on tenshin setups by Mazaa and one was this…couldn’t get it to work so though it had been change in Super.


For the record, this DOES work on block, but only on block. For some reason Tenshin doesn’t grab when you hit with the st.LP…

It’s also possible that Mazaa demo’d a hit-confirmed st.LP link Tenshin as opposed to a cancel. In this instance you’re using the + frames on st.LP to sort of shield you as you go for Tenshin. Still leaves a 7 or 9-frame gap though (depending on the Tenshin you use, regular or EX).


Hey guys

All those videos on my page were a part of this large thread that I believe is still here, the video’s were just to demonstrate what the community had found however many setups were not covered as I experienced some difficulty with my pc version.

I’m guessing this is the video in question

I tested this a few days ago and it is still possible as there has been very little changes to fei’s frame data between vanilla and super. Theres a 1 frame gap between the cl.s.lp and tenshin I believe, the cancel into tenshin is supposed to be done as late as possible. I wouldn’t recommend doing the move since it is very risky but it is still in the game.


Yeah this is the video i was referring to. hmmm will attempt to try this again and see what im doing wrong, if this is air tight as you say as far as jabs are concerned…this will be helpful vs those without DP and such.


Many of us had problems attempting this when it was first discovered unfortunately I can’t remember who brought it up first. However I do think that very strict timing to this move is a reason why it is rarely applied outside training mode


i see, because i was getting this to work a few times but not consistently or thinking my friend was screwing up with not jabing me fast enough. will attempt to try some more in training kinda hard without someone physically pressing the button while i do the inputs.


yep, I do it if a jumping heavy kick is blocked. It works great! also if I am feeling “Flashy,” I do it after a FA. lol


I meant, if I EXPECT it to be blocked.


Tenshin setups didn’t change. Jabs on hit don’t work. You have to make them block it… which is the annoying thing about it because doing stuff like st.LP… step forward st.LP trying to get into range to tenshin almost ALWAYS hits them. I should probably just start doing that in my normal pressure seeing as it magically has the power to hit people whenever I go for a setup lol


if the tenshin cant be linked like you guys say with a st. lp, then whens the best time to do a tenshin? its a risky move with no reward and i rarely see any fei’s @ a pro level use it.


That’s not what they meant. You may have noticed that after a jump-in attack lands, a normal throw immediately after will usually whiff. That’s because the opponent is still in hit stun, and is therefore immune to throws. The same applies to st.LP xx Tenshin. If the st.LP connects and forces the opponent into hit stun, then the Tenshin immediately after will whiff. On the other hand, a Tenshin following a blocked st.LP will connect, provided that the opponent cannot react in time. With that in mind, I prefer using the technique following a semi-transparent jump-in. The opponent won’t be fast enough to execute an anti-air, but will have enough time to block.

Regarding Tenshin’s usage in high level play, Inthul has demonstrated its viability during EVO and ECT this year. The footage show him sometimes connecting several Tenshins during a single round.


What I hate about Tenshin is that it is a high level technique. Not so in the way it takes a lot of skill to preform correctly, but seems to need luck because of the slow grab speed. It has a better chance of grabbing high skilled players who do not mash randomness. But will almost never work on a scrub for the same reasons.

I watched Inthul’s video and he seems to use Tenshin more than any other pro Fei. Inthul was pretty consistent in using Tenshin to reset combos. No matter how much I tried to repeat that in my matches online, I always get punished for attempting the reset before Tenshin actually grabs.

I think this is because the average player mashes during combos (auto block ftl?). If I use Tenshin, they will automatically counter. Pro players are more careful and will not mash. So the reset Tenshin will grab before the opponent can counter attack once they realize the reset is coming.

So highly skilled players cannot really use Tenshin consistently against a scrub? Seems lame to me. I don’t understand why the move’s properties are setup like this.


If you know the opponent is gonna mash, when not just block and then punish w/ St. HP xx rekkas/flamekick. In the end, you get the same result right? It’s not really about using the move itself in a match…it’s about reading your opponent and then using the options you have.


That’s just the reverse of how DP mashing is so effective early on. Tenshin is a specific tool for a specific purpose, and its use will become more applicable as the player moves forward. There are ways to deal with button mashers - Frame traps, U2, footsies. Tenshin just isn’t any part of that.


The best way I feel to consistently connect with the Tenshin is to condition your opponent with block strings of low shorts and jabs, especially after jump kicks and cross ups. I use this to gauge how aggressive my opponent is with their “reversal” mash jabs and shorts. If you’re playing an opponent that is a masher, forget even trying to land the Teshin. Go for frame traps and back dash to bait them.

With that said, my favorite set up for a Teshin is as follows:

mk+flamekick, (FADC), mk OR rh chicken wing (2 hits ONLY), cross up mk (your opponent must block which most decent players will do), then do:
-Teshin (non EX)
-close stand jab xx EX Teshin (your opponent must be able to bit hit while ducking)
-Low short (small pause), low jab xx EX Teshin

The set up or works when your opponent quick rises, as so many people do after the chicken wing. If they don’t, you can go for another cross up (or straight up jump) after they do a normal rise up off the ground.



I also Bait with it. I do tenshin before the opponent wakes up after a throw. I time it so I recover before he wakes up, so they feel they may have a chance in mashing buttons, or attempt to grab or DP (if it’s available). I block but tech a grab with a delay. If they try to attack, I’ll grab them. If they do a dp, I block, and if they try to grab, I grab back. Based on this info, I trick them on the second set up by firekick. works most of the time.