Tension Pulse 2008 ** Columbus, GA ~ July 26/27 (Annual)

**TENSION PULSE 2008 - Atlantic South Guilty Gear Accent Core for PS2 **

Columbus, Georgia is proud to present Tension Pulse, the annual Atlantic South Guilty Gear Event! 2008 is the first time ever event, but we will still continue to bring this event to the Atlantic South each year from this point on, if this event is passive. The purpose of this event is to develop and boast the crew that represents the Atlantic South. This doesn’t have to be for the Guilty Gear purists, but the casuals and competitive alike. And you don’t even have to enjoy Guilty Gear to come. We will have side events on the side for those who enjoy playing other fighting games. This is a major event for the year. So of course, tourney results will be posted and match videos will be uploaded. In the event that this is successful, I would love to start giving out custom hoodies, badges, and even arcade sticks if we are successful enough. We may even throw social events, like a tourney feast and go treat ourselves to a hefty meal, free of charge, for all of us to enjoy. Tension Pulse 2008 begins soon, so let’s make some noise!

Please submit your name, event(s), if you’re volunteering for providing equipment, and/or volunteering as a judge in order to pre-register. The final day for pre-registration will be July 23rd so that brackets and such will already be set on the day of the event. ***


Name: Alpha Gundam
Event: 1v1 Tourney
Volunteer: Providing TV/PS2/GGAC, volunteering as judge

Volunteering is optional.*

DATE: July 26, 2008 (Saturday) - 8:00 a.m
**LOCATION: ** Columbus State University
Columbus, GA 31907
4225 University Ave
706-507-8800 (School Building Number)
Room #258

July 27, 2008 (Sunday) Is an all day casuals event

DIRECTIONS: You can use the following websites to get directions to this destination.

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 entry fee, Which will be used to raise funds for an event called Nerdacon in the same building. EVERYBODY in the event pays, no exceptions.


[1] Food is allowed, but please clean up after yourselves. It is a privilege, so please don’t take it for granted. I’d like to continuously use this building on a regular basis.
[2] Let’s try to stay organized. In the event that large numbers show, we don’t want to cause confusion nor waste time in this event.
[3] No stealing. I cannot stress this enough. People spend time and money on things that don’t belong to you, so don’t take it.
[4] Don’t create static. We are on school grounds, so fighting outside of virtual reality is against the rules and authorities will be around to make sure nobody is harmed.
[5] No button shouldering, only buttons that are allowed are P, K, S, H, D. Provoke/Taunt button “IS” optional.
I will not allow anybody to map buttons otherwise, example, P+K set to a single button.
[6] This is a (B.Y.O.C. = Bring Your Own Controller/converter or Joystick) tournament.
You are responsible for your equipment and we will not supply anyone with a
controller or converter at this tournament.
[7] No pausing the game during the tournament for any reason what so ever. If a cell phone rings, you are asked to hold all calls until your match is over or before hand. PLEASE LEAVE ALL PHONE CELL PHONES ON VIBRATE. If your joypad or joystick malfunctions during a tourney, a judge will come to resolve the issue.
[8] Come to this event and make some noise! =D

1v1 TOURNEY RULES~ You know how this goes

[1] 99 Second Time Limit
[2] Best 2 out of 3 rounds, 2 out of 3 matches.
[3] EX, Shadow, Gold, Kliff, and Justice are Banned
[4] Winner keeps the same character, loser may enter next match with a different character.


[1] 3 people per team
[2] 2 out of 3 rounds, 1 match.
[3] 99 Second Time limit
[4] EX, Shadow, Gold, Kliff, and Justice are Banned
[5] Winning Team keeps the same characters
[6] No team can have 2 or more of the same characters in it.


As it stand right now, I need people to volunteer to bring TVs, PS2s, a copy of PS2 version of GGAC. VCRs are optional for recording match videos; NO DVD RECORDERS ARE ALLOWED. You will be responsible for your own equipment.

[1] School’s Projector
[2] Alternate275 - TV, PS2, GGAC
[3] Alpha Gundam - TV, PS2, GGAC


As it stands right now, I need people willing to volunteer in being a judge and running tournament brackets. You may/will be asked to set up brackets, announced the matches for players, handle entry fees, judge the rulings in the event of confusion and/or otherwise and so on.







[1] Alpha Gundam
[2] KingOfHearts
[3] J.Wright
[4] SWP
[5] R.D.K
[6] JX
[7] NessPKMaster
[8] raekw0n187
[9] xkun01
[10] krazykorean456
[11] Cloud strife (Latiff)
[12] Volus X
[13] Mike G
[14] BearsAreScary
[15] GA Peach

i suggest you get ready for my may. >.>

iirc there’s a tournament in Atlanta on the same day (has been scheduled for a while), you might want to change the date for this one so you get a good turnout.

Alright, I think it’s for the better anyway, gives me more time to make changes and other preparations.

EDIT: UPDATED Date pushed back roughly another month. Is this day a problem? =x

What day was it originally scheduled on?

It was originally scheduled to be on the last weekend of June =x

EDIT: What do people think of an event similar to horse? Where 2 players are pulled into training mode, with full tension (rules later if people are interested), and Player 1 is to perform a combo with a character. Then Player 2 is to perform the exact same combo, so on and so on. A friend suggested this to me, and I thought it sounded like a cool idea =D

Is it OK if we run side tourneys for other fighting games?
I’d be interested in playing some other games in addition to GG (good practice for those going to Evo2k8 in August).

Sure thing. Just consult me first so I can make room, organize, and plan it =3

I’ll def try and make this :slight_smile:

Well go ahead pre-register if you think you can make it :woot:
I would love for Mike G to enter this tourney =3

Yo, yo, yo! Time to train for the killing spree! ^.^

Aka- J.W.

Gonna have to ask you to register so I can put you on the list =P

Ah, Ga Guilty Gear, I’ll be here for sure.

Ah, glad to have you =3

i’m going to try and make this with all of my being.

btw, GA Peach, Nanaya Shiki, and Marty are all one and the same.

Fixed. I wasn’t aware. But there is a reason for the pre-reg function to prevent situations like this xD

Tourney huh? I’ll try and make it to the tourney.

Awesome, you really should come to this =3