Tension Pulse 2009 ** Atlanta, GA ~ October 10th


TENSION PULSE 2009 - Fighting Game Gathering! Free TP2K9 poster! - Credits to tatguy for the poster
Many credits to spookydonkey for helping me put this event together!

Columbus, Georgia is proud to present Tension Pulse, the annual Fighting Game Event! It started off as a GGAC only tourney, but that resulted in a lack of participants. 2009 is the second time ever event, but we will still continue to bring this event to the Atlantic South each year from this point on, if this event is passive. I may even think about holding Tension Pulse as a semi-monthly type event. We can have side events on the side for those who enjoy playing other fighting games and enjoy different ways of playing. This is a major event for the year. So of course, tourney results will be posted and match videos will be uploaded. In the event that this is successful, I would love to start giving out custom hoodies, badges, and even arcade sticks if we are successful enough. We may even throw social events, like a tourney feast and go treat ourselves to a hefty meal, free of charge, for all of us to enjoy. Tension Pulse 2009 begins soon, so let’s make some noise!

Please submit your name, event(s), if you’re volunteering for providing equipment, and/or volunteering as a judge in order to pre-register. This would help me a lot and I would appreciate anybody who complies. PLEASE BRING EXTRA COPIES OF GAMES! To anybody who brings extra TVs or Consoles will have the venue fee deducted. Anybody who brings both TVs AND consoles will have the venue fee removed entirely


Name: Alpha Gundam
Event: SFIV Tourney
Volunteer: Providing TV/PS2/GGAC, volunteering as judge

Volunteering is optional.*

TIME: 1:00 PM (GMT-5:00 Eastern US & Canada)
DATE: October 10th, 2009
CONTACT: (678)417-9222
WEBSITE: http://forumer.com/round2
LOCATION: Waba Games
Duluth, GA 30096
3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd - Suite #128


DIRECTIONS: You can use the following websites to get directions to this destination.

Tekken Zaibatsu

GGAC Entry = $10
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

BlazBlue Entry = $5
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

Street Fighter IV Entry = $10
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

KOF12 Entry = $10
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

MvC2 Entry = $10
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

T6BR Entry = $10 (If it’s released or if somebody brings a machine)
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

Eternal Champions = $3
Prize = 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

[1] All games are Double Elimination --Best 2 out of 3
[2] Food is allowed, but it will have to be what the venue offers. You cannot bring any food inside the venue.
[3] Let’s try to stay organized. In the event that large numbers show, we don’t want to cause confusion nor waste time in this event.
[4] No stealing. I cannot stress this enough. People spend time and money on things that don’t belong to you, so don’t take it.
[5] Don’t create static. We are on public grounds, so fighting outside of virtual reality is against the rules and authorities will be around to make sure nobody is harmed.
[6] No button shouldering, provoke/taunt button “IS” optional.
I will not allow anybody to map buttons otherwise, example, P+K set to a single button.
[7] This is a (B.Y.O.C. = Bring Your Own Controller/converter or Joystick) tournament.
You are responsible for your equipment and we will not supply anyone with a controller or converter at this tournament.
[8] No pausing the game during the tournament for any reason what so ever. If a cell phone rings, you are asked to hold all calls until your match is over or before hand. PLEASE LEAVE ALL PHONE CELL PHONES ON VIBRATE. If your joypad or joystick malfunctions during a tourney, a judge will come to resolve the issue.
[9] Come to this event and make some noise! =D

Players must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. Permanent ejection of a player from the tournament is at the staff’s discretion. Any sign of cheating will also result in forfeit of the game. Any intentional forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate the brackets will result in ejection and possible suspension from future tournaments.

On all console tournament games:

This is a (B.Y.O.C. = Bring Your Own Controller/converter or Joystick) tournament for all of the console games. You are responsible for your equipment and we will not supply anyone with a controller or converter at this tournament for any console tournament. You might be able to rent a controller from Waba to use during the tournament, but you’ll have to ask that question when you get here.

If you hit the start button or a malfunction in your equipment happens during a match that makes the game pauses or resets during a tournament match get the head judge in charge of running that tournament to decide what will happen next for that match. Replays are automatic if it’s at the beginning of the match and you have played 5-10 seconds in the game with no one having an advantage in the match. It’s not my problem if “YOUR STICK” malfunction’s during a tournament. I WILL BE THE FINAL SAY ON ANY PROBLEMS THAT MY TOURNAMENT JUDGES CAN’T RESOLVE!

I don’t believe in button shouldering due to me growing up playing 2D fighters in the arcades and that I want to prep for SBO. I want to keep the tournaments as close to arcade perfect as I can, so I came up with this solution:

“Button shouldering” will “NOT” be allowed in the following games:

(THAT MEANS IF YOU RESET YOUR BUTTONS YOU MUST PUT THE DEFAULT MULTI-BUTTONS ON BLANK or no function!!!) So that mean you won’t have your 3xkick button, or 3xpunch button. Any default presets that are “NOT” like the arcade set up are “not allowed”. If you don’t have a 3x punch or kick button in the arcade then you won’t use it during the tournament! We are trying to make it as close to arcade type tournament as possible. I don’t care where you put them on your controler/joystick but you should only have the following buttons input’s for the following games:

SFIV inputs that are allowed:

  1. Jab = Light Punch
  2. Strong punch = Medium Punch
  3. Fierce punch = Fierce Punch
  4. Short = Light Kick
  5. Forward = Medium Kick
  6. Roundhouse Kick = Fierce Kick

KOFXII inputs that are allowed:

  1. A = Light Punch
  2. B = Light Kick
  3. C = Fierce Punch
  4. D = Fierce Kick

Guilty Gear inputs that are allowed:

  1. P = Punch
  2. K = Kick
  3. S = Slash
  4. H = Hard Slash
  5. D = Dust

BlazBlue inputs that are allowed:

  1. A = Weak
  2. B = Strong/Medium
  3. C = Fierce
  4. D = Drive
  5. Taunt

T6 inputs that are allowed:

  1. 1 = Left Punch
  2. 2 = Right Punch
  3. 3 = Left Kick
  4. 4 = Right Kick


Street Fighter IV
Game version: (PS3)

  • Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.
  • All characters are tournament legal!

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Game version: PS3

  • You may not use any glitch that prevent the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.
    Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game.
  • Button switching during the loading screen is allowed (e.g. Holding ASSIST 1 to switch your first assist with the point).
  • You may not use the same character twice on one team.
  • Winner keeps the same team, while the loser can switch teams.

Guilty Gear Accent Core
Game version: PS2 - North America GGAC version (All console bugs removed)

  • No ex, gold, shadow, or any other alternate characters allowed.
  • Button mapping for RC, Burst etc NOT allowed.
  • Winner keeps the same character and the losers can change characters.

King Of Fighters XII
Game version: PS3

  • Raiden’s handcuff glitch is banned
  • Winner keeps the same team and same the order of the characters. Loser can change the entire team and order of the characters.

Game version: PS3

  • All characters are tournament legal!

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion
Game version: PS3 or ARC (Whichever I get my hands on)

  • All characters are tournament legal!

Eternal Champions
Game version: SegaCD

  • All characters tournament legal!


Of course i’m in =]


Yup, I’m there…

Josh “Nitrox” Ohana
Atlanta, GA


count me in for MVC2 and KOF 12


It would help if you posted in a similar fashion that Nitrox did. Not a big deal, you’re added to the list.


Not sure if I’ll be able to get out there but not allowing taunt input for BB actually shuts down one of Tao’s most damaging combo’s


Does the ARC version of BB not have Taunt?


Think it’s start or something don’t recall =/ I didn’t play it in the arcades so someone else is going to have to chime in on that


Well my #6 rule suggests that players are allowed to map a taunt button, so there shouldn’t be any problem.


i’ve tried the address in both MQ and RM. not working so well for me.


Fixed the first post. Added GameLink as a hyper link and fixed the zip code. My apologies!


Sign me up

Lineville, Al


If I can have off that weekend then sure…

Eugene Johnson II
Nashville Tenn



uhh does a 360 stick work on PS3? I know it sounds like a dumb question but arent they both connected using a USB cord? I don’t own a PS3 but I’d love to come and support and play BB.


for kof 12 ban the raiden glitch [media=youtube]WflNsuhuaMY[/media]


Minister Of Defense
Atlanta, GA
SF4, GGCXXAC (SO out of practice)

I hope to be here. I have never been anywhere in GA besides Atlanta, so I’m not familiar with the Columbus area. However, I hear Columbus isn’t too far from Atlanta. If I don’t have a car by then, then I’ll probably have to take the Greyhound. I hope someone could pick me up from the station, I’ll pay generously to anyone who does.


Buford, GA ( lol)
SF4, BB and Kof XII



complete change of city&venue aside, i’ll prolly still attend

The thread title still says Columbus btw



I may not play anything, but i’ll sure watch these azzwhuppingz commence! Lolz…


yayz! duluth! less mile to drive :woot: