Tension Pulse 2009 Results

Tension Pulse 2009 Tournament Thread
SFIV Brackets

**Street Fighter IV **
1st: JTO
2nd: MysticBanana
3rd: Forte

1st: The Light
2nd: Forte

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st: MysticBanana
2nd: PokChop

King Of Fighters XII
Undefeated Champion: Alternate275 :rofl:

Much respect and appreciation for everybody who showed up and had fun! :lovin:
I couldn’t have done this without Min! Many thanks to him. Many credits to DarkBallinJin for giving me tourney running tips, making the badges, recording matches, etc and many thanks to Jewdo, my assistant tourney host. Everybody at the tourney seemed really cool. Nobody was a jerk (that I could tell). ExcitedBeast and Forte, I LOVED the hype yall brought to the tournament. And yFlow, great job with the money matches. JTO, we’ve gotta play sometime in games that you aren’t rusty in, like SFIV. Brahn, you stick with the blocking, you seem pretty good at it :rofl: MysticBanana came with it on marvel :looney: SpookyDonkey, I’m so glad you’re Columbus :rofl: PokChop, thanks for helping me get MvC2 up and going :tup:

I must say, you guys made a lot of noise. I enjoyed having this tournament with you guys :wgrin:

Here’s hoping you guys come to the next bigger and better, Tension Pulse 2010 :lovin:

I’ll try to make it up to ATL more often :nunchuck:

If you don’t remember the blazblue results -
1st: The Light
2nd: Forte (I believe)

What you know about that MysticBananas?

Will edit later; don’t really do posts on my phone :lol:



Vids are posted.


You are all only allowed to watch my match against Gief and the vs. Viper part of my match against Eddie.

Also, the F in yflow isn’t capitalized. =P

oh my bad, flow xD i’ll get that fixed.

had a good time @ tp, more of you guys shouldve come out!

so lemme get the @'s goin:

@minh & the waba crew: much thx for being awesome hosts(as always) &helping me w/that bigass tv in&out of the car
@darkballinjin: ggs in casuals & thx for all the help(setups, badges, recording, etc)… ytmnd! :tup:
@the 2 gents whose names i didnt get who loaned me their ps3 sticks: thx fellows! :china:
@ jto: maaaaan i gotta stop fighting you so early in tournaments :sweat: ima start saying im from ep so the brackets prog doesnt seed us so close :razz: tough as always & a gracious winner aswell, ggs :tup:
@ symbolic: my SE smells like blazblue now, THX A LOT!! lol i kid, nice to meet you
@ the rest of the columbus crew: we gotta get you guys on sf4!!! :nunchuck:

goodshit & ggs to everyone else i played in the tourney & casuals: drew, pokchop(ima get you next time lol gg), branh, excitebeast(brought the full-on ken hype in the tourney!), the guy whose name i cant recall right now(sry!) w/the 360 fightpad, & columbus crew

all in all, a real fun day! gotta check some of the vids… also alt275, can you get the full bracket for sf4 from jewdo? hit me up :tup:

Thanks guys,great pretty good tourney:china:

Jibbo-yo if we dnt go to sb4,we are coming to one of u guys tournaments soon:china:

OOOH SNAP! EXCITE BEAST!!!:wow: ggs man! u starting to learn…


full results?..

Dude, you ended the vid with me getting smacked in the face by JTO. Thanks.


Thanks again to everyone who came out for Tension Pulse 2009! I’m glad you all had a great time. Tell all your friends how much face you wrecked and bring them to the next tournament. That’s right, next tournament. We’re definitely planning something and we’re going to make some serious noise!

Double-thanks to Symbolic for sharing his thoughts with me and Alternate about kicking up some interest in a full-time community. We’re working our hardest to make some cool stuff happen, so keep an eye on the Tournaments and Events Thread for a sweet surprise. You’ll know it when you see it.

Another double-thanks to Ballinjin for capturing the magic of this event on film for all to see. People are going to remember what went down at WABA this October!

@Alternate - See you IRL or on AIM. I need three more posts before I can send PMs. o_o

Hope to see you all again in the near future! Peace out for now.