Tentative Tekken 5.1 changes


According to this they are indeed nerfing characters. I can see the difference in the wall game and the blocking while in tech roll coming into play.

Slated release in Japan for Tekken 5.1 is the first week of July. No word yet on an American release if any.

Special thanks to DUK2000 for providing some of this early information. This is unconfirmed info as of yet, so take it lightly. We’ll find out the truth as it arises. Disscuss the changes here. Top post will be updated as more information is added.

Cosmetic changes. You can now see 5.1 sported in the T5 logo. Also lifebars have different colors now.

Big changes with things in the system. You can now fully block while in tech roll state. Sucks for tech catches. But it adds more to the mid/low/throw mixup.

Ground moves do only about 70% damage as opposed to 100% and possible CH damage before.

Wall system has changed slightly. Here’s some character exclusive information that has been changed.

Nina Williams

  • u/f+1 can not be used in longer juggles now, the speed of the move has been decreased.
  • u/f+1 is also techable when used in juggles.
  • d,d/b+3 is no longer safe
  • JF spider knee with Nina is no longer safe.
  • d/f+1,2 has delay on both hit and block.

Steve Fox

  • d/f+2 does not launch.
  • Infinites are gone.
  • CH ALB 2 does not stun.
  • b+1~B FLK b_f+2 is gone.
  • CH 1,2,1,2, and 2,1,2 no longer launch.
  • 1,2,1 and 2,1 into FLK~ALB is gone.
  • Juggles after d/f+1+2 hits close are no longer possible.

Bryan Fury

  • b+1 does not launch on normal hit.
  • CH WS+3 stun can not be escaped.
    +/- 1+3+4 taunt and f,b+2 punch remain the same.
  • f,f+2 has more delay.
  • 1,2,4 has more delay.
  • <wall> 1,2,1, d/f+3 catch no longer works.

Devil Jin

  • TGF used in juggles can now be linked to TGF~U/F for the extra move like when TGF~U/F hits standing opponents.
  • Devil Jin seems to be the best as of now. Not that many changes.

Feng Wei

  • b+1 is now -10 on block.
  • SS+4 has more delays on block.
  • qcf+3_WS+3 has more delays on block.
  • d/b+3 on CH no longer trips.
  • d/b+1+2,1 has more delays between the two hits.


  • f+4 on normal hit can cause wall stun. On CH causes opponent to fall down.


  • 4~3 has less delays on block.
  • after f+3+4 hits, d/b+3 is no longer gauranteed.

Lei Wulong

  • f,f+2 has less delays on block.
  • f,f+4 on hit gaurantees the 3+4 followup.
  • No more auto parry in TGR stance.

Ling Xiaoyu

  • From RND punch parry, damage has been increased and now juggles.
  • RND 1 makes opponent fall.

Kazuya Mishima

  • After CH d/f+2 no more full EWGF launch but you can still do regular juggles.
    +/- WS+2 stun can not be escaped, but the stun effect is that of CH d/f+2.
  • d/b+3 has less delay on block and knocks down on CH.


  • f+1+2 on block has less delays.
  • f,f+2 is completely safe.


  • d+4,1 has more delay on block.
  • 1,1,1 is worse on block than before(doesn’t push back as far).
  • d/f+1+3+4 on block puts Wang at disadvantage.


  • d/b+4 has more delay on hit.

Marshall Law

  • CH qcf+1,2,1,2 does not launch anymore.
  • CH d/b+3 does not juggle anymore.

Craig Marduk

  • d+1 does not have as much advantage on hit/block anymore.
  • d+4 is -3 on hit.


  • u/f+1+2 = d,D/F+2 link throw escape glitch is gone. No more universal easy escape.
  • d/b+2 crushes high moves easier now.

Jin Kazama

  • d/f+3 on CH stuns and d+3+4 will full launch afterwards.
  • Nothing gauranteed after 2,4 anymore.

Heihachi Mishima

  • 2,2,1 does not connect like it does now.
  • f+1+2 damage increased

Asuka Kazama

  • After f+2~d cancel you can input an extra move 3+4.
  • f+3 on block is even on frames.
  • d/b+4 crouching status after move is performed has changed.

Baek Doo San
+/- Punch Parry window is larger but you get less advantage from a successful parry.

  • CH b,b+2 causes an unescapable stun.

Christie Montiero

  • d/f+1,1 recovery increased on block. -4.
    +/- b+4 knocks down and can not be tech rolled after side/back hit.
  • 1:3~4 is gone.
    +/- d/b+1+2 crouching status is gone, recover has been increased though.

Julia Chang

  • Recover on standing 4 has been increased making CH 4, into f,f+1 juggles easier.


yeah that is exactly what I was thinking, I hope those aren’t true.

I dont even see why alot of them are even necessary to be honest.

That can’t be true, that’s just retarded. Like he needed to lose that.

Well, if those are true, Steve, Nina, and Bryan won’t be such whores anymore. I’d wished they’d let Jin hit mid with his WGF, since it doesn’t launch, but oh well, maybe even tweak the damn sidestepping too so it aint so damn shitty.

My poor steve lost his best launcher :sad:

Bryan: ff+2 has more startup? So basically we have a high attack that was already slow enough to be ducked early, is punished badly on whiff, that is now even slower to start up? And does this kill juggles for Bryan or are they gonna make it so that 3,3,4 is a reliable juggle-ender now?

Bruce: I’m sure they won’t forget to make his 1,2 a natural combo like everyone else. And a faster mid out of his CD would be nice. C’mon safe offensive laucher.

Bryan Fury

  • b+1 does not launch on normal hit.

What the poo? It’s hard to wrap my brain around this.

I think delay on his f,f+2 refers to its recovery.

I’m glad, that shit was annoying.

Ok. So, what does ff+2 having more recovery change other than the chances of comboing bb+4 afterwards? Unless the recovery is going to be HUGE then the push-back on block should still make it safe. ff+2 already had enough whiff recovery for opponents to launch. If bb+4 is no-longer a follow up then ff+2 has more risk than reward.

I’m OK with b+1 though, as long as it is still as safe as it was on block. They better not make it unsafe on hit.

His CD+1 is a great mid launcher. Why would you want another?

tekken just got worst

stop bitching everyone

just realize its better than what we have now


WTF @ B+1 not launching anymore. Hopefully it knocks them to the ground so I can get a df+3 or something.

Oh yeah, Co-sign on the Wang nerfing. WTF. Screw this update…

I seriously see no reason to alter f,f+2. The b,b+4 isn’t even guaranteed.

At least they gave him and inescapable stun off his WS3.

this is kindah weird o_O

wang is hella good

dont complain, its not like they made his 1,1,1 12 frames or something now

you just have to be smarter about it

and they want you to use df+1+3+4 as a tc apparently instead of a tech catch/block setup

and btw ff+2, bb+4 WAS guaranteed. you just had to do it right.

Wow…my poor Steve.

Do you guys think this will be played instead of T5? Cause I seriously don’t think so.

these 2 games will be hella far apart when it comes to actual gameplay

ill be playing this over t5 though, cause t5 sucks.