Terabyte HD

Anyone here have an internal TB HD? I’m thinking of getting one if prices are reasonable. Then i’m going to upgrade my ram if I can :woot:

What are you going to store there? :confused:

until the prices come down I really don’t see the point of getting a TB drive. you can easily find 500GB drives for 100 dollars in both PATA and SATA. Meanwhile drives of 750GB and 1TB go much higher up for the prices per GB that its not worth it yet, at least in my opinion.

those fuckers are thick as a big size snicker bar :rofl:, what u storing O__o

500GB and 750GB are pretty much the same price per GB from what I’ve observed. 1TB aren’t really worth it yet in my opinion.

its nerdy bragging rights

nerd#1: i have a 750gb HD
nerd #2: i have 1tb HD
nerd #1: =o!!

I’m about to build a DVR system and it’s getting a 750 minimum so I can just store everything, including HD. It’s going to be awesome once I get it setup, but that pretty much requires a good tuner card and massive, fast hard drives. :tup:

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about building a HTPC, but I may just get an Xbox 360 and stream all the TV episodes I’m ripping as H.264 over to it. Then eventually pick up a Blu-Ray player.

Where can you find a 500gb for $100?



http://shop1.outpost.com/product/4551377?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG for a SATA one. Frys usually cycle prices around often on their HDs, so if you want an IDE one (or even a different brand usually), check later to see if they dropped.

Damn, thats on hella library of porn

1TB of porn is enough for 1000 years :wow::rofl:

I need a HD tuner card. GG trying to firewire shit from my STB and not be able to record everything lol.

I want to upgrade my computer with the latest and greatest. Movies, anime, music, games, and what not take up a lot of space so I want it all!!! :rofl: Um, yeah. They are going for around $200, which isn’t too bad from what I remember HD was back in the day.

Then i’m going to get 4gb of ram and maybe a new video card.

damn sounds like u want what i like to call a Super Computer :wow: :rofl: