Terminal Crimper Tool

How to work prefectly a solderless crimper 26 to 20 awg wire.
I want to buy a terminal crimper tool is damn expensive. :sweat:

what I do?

heres a pair of ok priced crimp tool.

if those are still to expensive check out your local home depot, sears, harbor freight or some tool shop

idk if this is what you are quite looking for so yea…

Expensive? I got something like this for about $5 at my local wal-mart:

Used it for all the work I’ve done on my SFAC stick.

lol walmart and their great prices… ive seen that exact pair before dont they wear out quick? for the cutter and wire striper i mean

The one i’ve got is made of cheap but sturdy metal and held up well. Except for the wire stripper part on it, i used a different, BETTER tool for that.

One a lot like this, simple design but makes stripping wire a snap:

this is what my wire stripper looks like its the best thing ever(just dont cut your finger open):rofl:

I once briefly attempted using a knife…forget it!! Had to get something better to strip wire with :sweat:

lol true grave you just push the knife into the rubber on the wire and twirl the wire and poof its gone!

I have a wire stripper with holes of varying sizes cut into the jaws so that you push the wire into the appropriate hole and just squeeze it closed. No thinking or dexterity required. Honestly it’s like the best $5-10 you could spend on this.

These are cheap as hell, and mine despite being used on and off for over 10 years works fine. Any walmart, kmart, lowes, home depot, or automotive store should have them.

Yeah, I have one still same a picture. I don’t know how to use for solderless crimper 26 to 20 awg wire.

I use a standard long-nose pliers, sometime look messing solderless quick connector.

Hey Opi,

Are you talking about non-insulated terminals? If you want to make crimps similar to this: http://lizardlick.com/images/noninsulated_crimp.jpg, then you want a Sargeants crimping tool. Happ has them: http://www.happcontrols.com/tools/92003200.htm. You can make text-book crimps with these suckers, I use them on all my restorations… I got so excited when I got my first pair that I built a Robotron wiring harness from scratch just to try them out, lol… Don’t let Happ rape you on shipping charges though, if you want, I’ll get a pair for you on my next order with them and ship them up to you the next time you need a stick or buttons…

Hope this helped,


How much would it be if someone were to order one off you?

wow i didnt even know there was a difference in crimping tools for insulated/non-insulated. i’ve been getting so frustrated with crimping that i just solder directly now…

I guess i’ll keep the insulation on in the future, because before I had a crimper, I just used pliers…

Do I need to add these to the website? I guess I’d have to beat Happ’s price… I’d say 32 bucks. If there’s a genuine interest, bring it on over to my thread and let me know… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=130032&page=37



Nah it’s cool. So that $5 cheap ass crimper is no good for non-insulated QDs huh?


Holy shit you guys are tech! I’ve been using a pocket knife to strip my wires, and a pair of pliers to crimp… and it turns out that I’m the tool. :wasted:

I need to get these things. They will extend my lifespan.

Sorry for the bump, but will that tool work with the terminals that Per sells? I would post a link, but that page is down at the moment. It looks similar to the picture you linked, but it is a qd for a button. Just want to know before I order the tool.

I was actually wondering the same thing. I ordered non-insulated QDs from Akihabarashop but when I received them, I don’t think I have the right tool for them. Is there a specific tool that’s required to be used with these QDs?

I use one of my wire stripper’s built-in crimping jaws to crimp non-insulated QDs, but it’s not a one-step process. When I get home I’ll take pics of what I’ve found to be the strongest connection possible with a simple crimper.

Also ambiguous thread title/OP ftl