Terminology Question Here


This has literally been bugging me all day. I go searching around the interwebs for Akuma combos. And i understand what that the term Ex Focus Cancelling nis pretty much if exactly the same as the term FADC right? But what difference do these to statements have.

c.LK,c.LP,c.MK XX HP Fireball
HK srk, FADC-Dash F XX Netsu Hadouken

I know xx means cancel but i just dont quite understand what it asking for do you sort of buffer the fireballs, dash, or what. I also understand the FADC or Ex Focus Cancel costs 2 meters. does this XX or what the hell ever it is cost any meter at all or is the terminology for this game broken??


The second one is kind of redundant in itself. FADC stands for “focus attack dash cancel” so saying “FADC-Dash F XX” is like saying “focus attack dash cancel dash forward cancel” or “put your PIN number in the ATM machine”. Any time you see “XX” it means “cancel” in any sense, if you’re unsure of it just go into training mode and do a low forward and look at how long it takes for you to finish the move. Then do low forward into fireball (also known as c.MK XX fireball) and you’ll notice the fireball literally cancels your low forward into it. The motion will just stop wherever it’s at and you’ll do a fireball. That’s what the terminology is for.

If you’re unsure on how to do it even, it’s just one quarter circle motion. On the down of the quarter circle is when you hit forward, then down toward, then on the toward you hit fierce. Vioa la, you did a cancel. This doesn’t even use any meter and is present in every SF game and damn near every 2D fighter.

The first statement won’t use any meter, you’re just putting a few normals in front of what I typed above. The second one is when you cancel a special instead of a normal with a focus attack. The FADC is in reality two cancels, you have your SRK being cancelled by the EX focus attack, and then that gets cancelled by a dash. Now you can do any move that juggles so long as the move you used puts the opponent in the air (which SRK does).


Thanks Grog i kind of knew that the second statement was just broken in a sense. since ive seen the HP Srk FADC Red Fireball a lot just dont understand why some people would even type these inputs out where new guys just get confused trying to understand what they are saying. I was pretty sure the FADC Dash F just meant to Focus and Dash F Not Back but the xx after that lost me cuz cancelling again after a cancel prob wouldnt do anything or not even possible. This helps not only me but prob many others thanks a ton!
Actual second line should just be
HK srk, FADC, Fireball which includes even ultra if you have it