Hi, ya’ll.

I’ve just started getting into the FG scene a few months ago (around when ultimate came out) and I was overwhelmed to find that there was such a large community behind a genre that I thought was near dead. I’ve been a fan of fighting games all my life, but I’ve only started playing seriously last year. So, for all intents and purposes, I’m still a newbie.

But one of the biggest issues I have even still, is not really landing combos, or picking the right characters, or even finding the right game. A lot of my questions have to do with the terminology that is used within the community of this genre. I’ve passed by a lot of threads on here where I can’t even understand most of the content that is being discussed, simply for the fact that they are using terminology that I know nothing about. ( i.e, bnb’s, xx, synergy, ect.)

So, what I want this thread to be used for, is for all of you to comment with various FG terminology, and a description of their meanings. This should be useful to me and anyone else who has the same problem I do.


You can start there…

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