Hi, can some one pleae tell me WHat Kara Throwing is and why is it different that regulare throwing? And also what does SRK mean?

I think it means Standing Round House Kick?

I checked in the Vocab section and can’t find it.,

I am not new to 3rd strike, I just figured I would get better at it and found this site of info, great site btw.

Kara anything is when you perform a move such that the range is increased. You would hit a normal and then the throw command so close afterward its almost at the same time. I don’t know how to do Ryu’s.

srk means shoryuken! standing roundhouse would be something like s.hk

Don’t feel bad I didn’t know what half this stuff was like 2 months ago

Bread and butter BnB
jab, strong, fierce, short, forward, roundhouse
option parry
low throw tech
link, cancel, chain
footsies, zoning
command grab
turd strike

No idea what any of those mean…

Ryu’s kara throw is f+mp,then immediately (like 0.1 seconds later) lp+lk

Ryu Kara-Throw


Thanks guys.