Terrence disses Rocsi

I’m not sure if this is old or not, but damn is this mad funny and brutal!!! :rofl:


He straight up put her on blast. Either he fucked her, then found out she messin with someone else, and basically aired dirty laundry.

Mad funny.

i lol’d

I was going to post this cause I saw it yesterday and said " hmm i bet SRK will like this"

but man yes that shit is mad funny :rofl::rofl:

Is he still hosting the show?

vid no longer availible. :sad:
i dont watch 106 but…i still wanna see it.

i can’t find it anywhere

Well, the only one I found was this. Doesn’t seem that bad. She walked off still


Jive Out!

EDIT: Watch it while you can. Every other link I found, “video is no longer available”

lol…his jokes werent that bad…but since it was on TV it was 10x worse lol…she was heated.

Let me do a little Recap here…

I went to see the whole thing from the start and it was Gabrielle Union who started the dissing. She was on the show talking about the new meet dave movie she was in and Rocsi must have told her about the rap label Terrence had going on. I can tell cause after one of the videos Gabrielle Union was talking about projects she was working on in the future and said something like " we are going to do big things like so and so records " she said that with a smile at Terrence and then Rocsi laughed and said " the inside jokes are just unbelievable here :rofl:"

while Terrence was standing in the middle of both of them he smiles at the camera with a “so these people wanna joke around look”

So when Rocsi messed up on the email address Terrence took the first Jab correcting her then runs off saying " I run this! Cause I can Read! " playfully jumping towards the camera :wgrin:

Terrence is a dumbass cause he even messes up the email address when he corrects her or try’s to :rofl: he forgets to finsh the 106 part of the email he just says " freestlyefriday@gmail.com" when its really freestylefriday106@gmail.com

Rocsi didn’t catch it maybe cause she is to busy trying to act like she is from new york with her fake accent :rofl:

Terrence takes another Jab with *“Rocsi needs breath mints” *then Rocsi says " so that’s how you feel today?" Terrence then replies " I didn’t start it you did :rolleyes:"

After the Nelly and Ciara video Terrence pushed it to far with*" why can’t you have body like Ciara"* notice when he says that Rocsi looks real quick at Terrence and replies with " Why cant you have a body like Nelly?" Terrence shuts up cause the girls in the audience cheer for the Nelly reference and catches Rocsi still looking at him and says " its your turn" he knew he took it to far and stops to think of something stupid like he does have a body like Nelly

Terrence stumbles with his words pronouncing david banner then looks at Rocsi to see if she might say something about it and Rocsi does correct him with " david banner? david banner?" while rubbing it in his face :arazz:

Terrence says " throwing Jabs huh?" as in so you still wanna play around :wonder:

But Rocsi just had to throw move wood in the fire by finishing it off with saying " skinny Terrence " at the end with a look at Terrence :arazz:

now Terrence wants to finish it off with the last Jab by interrupting Rocsi with* " hold on let me give them the email address"* he does this to show Rocsi where it all went down from the first Jab as in putting her back in her place. :arazz: but once again Terrence is a dumbass for not getting the email address right himself
leaving out the 106 part

Look at Rocsi after he does the email address she looks like she wants to cry :shake: you can can tell cause she kinda starts to bite her lower lip while her tongue moving around with a mean look then try’s to hid it with a fake smile that women do all the time when they get pissed off to hid their real feelings

Rocsi is pissed then comes back with " I had it… I had it…" ( if some women told me " I had it… I had it…" I would have said " yea… and I took it" but that’s just me :bgrin: )

Terrence then puts the Nail in the coffin with " Rocsi wont be there she won’t mess you up while you do your thing"

Rocsi *" you feeling some type of way today? real talk? real talk? *

Terrence " yea its good… its going down"

Rocsi " then why don’t you go ahead and finish the show…" she looks at him with the mean biting the lower lip look twice… while moving the microphone from one hand to the other cause she can’t control her emotions then walking out with the fake smile to do well you know cry so she lets it all out off camera :crybaby:

Terrence doesn’t know she is crying but he says " oh my bad " cause he sees Rocsi’s lines on the teleprompter and grabs someone from the audience out of nowhere and ask her " where you from?" girl in red dress says " hempstead " Terrence then says " give it up for hempstead!"

he doesn’t give a shit where the girl in the red dress is from so he uses that to tell the teleprompter to move his lines up by moving up one of his hands up really quick to get the prompter to his lines then he sees Rocsi crying :crybaby::crybaby: and says silently " is she really? " Then he ask the girl in the red dress “was I too hard on Rocsi? I wasnt to hard on Rocsi… No I wasn’t I was just playing around” then finishes it off with " you can be my new co host and some people wont act to sensitive with their jobs"

Terrence finishes hes final lines while stumbling on the words " four … four days"

Terrence then leaves the camera with a “oh shit I just fucked up look”

Rocsi had it coming to her she is always messing with Terrence on that show but she takes it to serious when he fires back?

fuck Rocsi, bitch is GAHBIGE!

damn i missed all this shit. i was wondering when this was gonna happen

I seriously think they both caught feelings for each other. And you can tell Terrence is a young man because young dudes, from what I see, will air a bitch out in public. But I don’t watch 106 so I really don’t know how Rocsi acts, all I know is that she would get my “milkshake” in large quantities. :lol:

It is kinda funny but hey whatever. If you aint seen it you can find it here —> http://www.therundown.tv/videos/misc-videos/rocsi-and-terrence-go-at-each-other-live-on-106-park/

if she aint get around so much id give her my throat babies :tup: