Terrible Lag

So all day today, no matter what type of connection i had with anyone (green bars included) id be lagging like crazy.
But like two days ago everything was fine, i could fight people with 2 to 3 bars and still be ok.
As far as i know theres nothing downloading in the background, and even with my computer turned off it didn’t make a difference.
I did a connection test in the playstation menu and my dl speed is between 1.2 and 1.5Mbps
and upload speed hangs around 400kbps.
Also hosting matches or joining matches didn’t make a difference.
I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem.

K sorry guys. I was just pissed cause literally every match i played in the daytime was lagging hardcore.
Played a bunch of matches at night and it was all good

I laughed at the first post when I first read it, but I just had a similar experiance:

Either my internet connection has had a seziure or something else is going on, all I know is I cant play Street Fighter online tonight.

[SPOILER=ranting]Tried to play 3so = 15 minutes and couldnt get a ranked match, even after reseting the modem and router. So I said **** this and started up SF4.

Played 4-5 games and all was fine then there was a noticable amount of lag against the next guy who I had just played, I thought it was weird.

The next 8 games were 8 straight losses many against players I KNOW I have a fine connection with, every match felt like it was being played underwater. Getting counter hits when I wasnt even attacking and all round random bullshit.
I finally just turned SF4 off because it was unplayable yet saying 3 green bars against players Ive played before with no problems. (my Pp and Bp took a beating :eek:which I dont really care about but its still though watching blocked bullshit get through and the pretty points disapear due to instant recovery shoryukens.)

Decided to play 3so instead = another 20 minutes and couldnt find a ranked match. “join failed”

I figured it out :D:

Fifa demo hit xbox live today, some people couldnt even sign in due to everyone trying to download it. So they were sucking up all the bandwidth like greedy little bastards.

Glad it actually was something causing it, because it was crazy.

haha, ahh alright.