Terrible Onis at Evo

The only Oni users I remember were Chris Hu and Ryan Hart albeit brief.

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I don’t think it was just you TC. I didn’t see Onis who truly knew what they were doing…

Didnt eita go to evo too? Or was he just eliminated early?

You mean people werent able to compete at EVO at a tournament level with a character that was just recently released? Nowai…

Yun. Pwnt

Do you just sit around and make threads? Seriously, this is like the 5th thread in a row I’ve seen you make today. Just post your question in a general discussion or something.

I still can’t decide between Evil Ryu or Oni. They both FEEL good, but until I get a proper matchup compilation for them, I’m on the fence. In the mean time, I enjoy being active on the forums =P

This isn’t being active, this is spamming the forum with pointless threads. Stop. This is why you got an infraction.

So, where the f**k am I supposed to go on the damn forums? I obviously have questions, but all I get is, “Screw you, figure it out yourself.” What’s the point in having questions when I’m fed this Matrix bullshit? And I’m not talking about the pointless threads, I’m talking about the ones where I had genuine questions.

Thank you.

Cause his combos are so hard.

Lol ya and Oni’s are?

TBH its not a completely useless thread, I’ve also wondered this. Well I’ve more so wondered why so many put fate into Oni and not just went back to their original chars.

Wasn’t Shady K Oni too? Someone got in top 32 and he almost got perfected and I was like ‘‘Why…?’’ although obv. he did make it to top 32, but all the Oni’s I saw couldn’t get their game started at allll and just looked …’‘free’’

no shady k is not oni, he’s akuma


That’s really case in point, as non-Japanese Yun’s have been far less successful and dominating.

You seriously aren’t comparing yun to oni, right? One of the most bullshit autopilot chars sitting proudly in S tier, to a mid tier shoto that can’t fadc SRK on block? seriously?

The only good Oni was Chris Hu, too bad no one else tries to actually use Oni and use him well.

I might come back to the game, and Oni would be one of the reasons I do it. His play style is just suited for people who aren’t over confident.