terry cc's?



does any one have any good cc’s with terry?


go to www.namonaki.com

click on “GAMES” at the top (it’s the 2nd japanese symbol on the very right)

click on www.namonaki.com A-groove guide.

pick terry


isnt there anything a little easier then that. Ive seen those and someone starting with a-groove wont know what to do.


Terry’s customs are fairly simple to do… basically just roundhouse/fierce into buhnin naku!! Start it with either a fp.rising taku activate… or do like activate, sweep, fierce, buhnin naku!!.. or if they jump you can do activate sweep, crack shoot… then go into the custom… if you want easier customs pick people like mai who has a mashable custom…

The timing is you cancel your c.fierce/s.fierce/close s.roundhouse into burning knuckle almost righta way… then you just wait and when it looks like you can hit them again with a fierce you do…


well do these ccs do more than a level 3. cause if not im sure a level 3 would be eaiser to land then this cc. and im sure the level 2 might even do more than that.


try this:
c.fk, crack shoot, fp, burning nuckle, fk, crack shoot, [corner] fp, rising tackle, qcfx2 any kick [kick super], [during super charge down] rising tackle.

Easy combo with good damage. :slight_smile:


thnx ill try that.


thnaks 4 the cc’s ppl:D


activate: can be either a ground combo or anti air combo.

c.RH X 2, s.Fierce, Fierce burnknuckle, DB Fierce,

Fierceburnknuckle, DB Fierce, Fierce burnknuckle, (should be in

the corner by now), Rising Tackle X 2, then Buster Wolf Super,

then Rising Tackle finish.

the most damaging combo i found so far.



First post has 3 CC’s, including the easy as hell anti-air combo into CC.


for the most part people dont do cc’s for the damage… its because you have like 20 million more opportunities to activate…


say what?


I agree partly. I would revise that by saying people use A-GROOVE for its versatility (i.e. opportunities to activate), but within A-Groove they choose to do as damaging a CC as they can, given the situation.


don’t forget it’s the most flashy and you get the most hits in it. usually.

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