Terry: Non-Groove Specific Combos and Strats

Okay, here is basic summary of Terry overall.

Pokes: (in order of most most utility)
stand mk
stand lk
crouch fk
crouch fp (links to c.mp or c.mk)
stand fk

Most useful B&B(s):
c.fp -> c.fk (it’s a link and I’ve done it before more than once NOT a counter hit)
c.lk x3 -> stand lk
*up-close two hit fp (or cancel second with oc.fp) XX lp Burn Knuckle/Super

*Some characters you can get both fp hits AND the third oc.fp to combo.

Jumping Attacks:
Air to Ground - j.fk
Air to Air - j.lk
Short jump - j.mk OR j.fk (if you use j.fp it looks like 3S UOH, pretty cool)
Straight up - j.mk (anti-air possibility, I use it most aganist Blanka)

Opponent incoming, normal jump - crouching fierce
Opponent incoming, super jump - oc.fp
Opponent cross up - none/RC Rising Tackle if availible
*Opponent incoming, normal/super jump - Level 1 Power Geyser
*Opponent incoming, normal/super jump - Anti-Air CC

Wake up Options:
Rising Tackle

Custom Combos:
**Anti-Air CC - **
Activate CC c.fp -> lk Crack Shoot -> [c.fp -> fp Burn Knuckle]x3 -> up-close stand fp -> fp Rising Tackle -> Buster Wolf CC ends fp Rising Tackle
Ground CC -
Activate CC c.fk -> c.fp -> lk Crack Shoot -> [c.fp -> fp Burn Knuckle]x3 -> up-close stand fp -> fp Rising Tackle -> Buster Wolf CC ends fp Rising Tackle
**Combo CC (Anti-Air)- **
fp Rising Tackle Activate CC [fp Rising Tackle]x4 -> Burn Knuckle -> fp Rising Tackle
** As noted by ben and GalzPanic, the Anti-Air CC may also begin with fk Crack Shoot or [lk Power Dunk]-> lk Crack Shoot.

C Groove Super Cancel Combos:
Level 2 Power Geyser [super cancel] Level 1 Power Geyser
Level 2 Power Geyser [super cancel] fk Crack Shoot/fp Burn Kunckle
*Level 1 Buster Wolf -> Level 2 Power Geyser [super cancel] lp Burn Knuckle -> fk Power Dunk
Level 2 Buster Wolf [super cancel] Level 1 Power Geyser
Level 2 Buster Wolf [super cancel] fk Crack Shoot/fp Burn Knuckle
**Level 2 Buster Wolf [super cancel] fp Rising Tackle/fk Power Dunk

  • lp Burn Knuckle does not connect, it is only used for quick mobility to connect the Power Dunk. The cancel must happen very quickly from the second hit of Level 2 Power Geyser.
    ** Corner Only

Universal Super Combos:
Any level Buster Wolf -> Level 1 Power Geyser
*Any level Buster Wolf -> fp Rising Tackle/fk Power Dunk
Level 3 Buster Wolf -> fk Crack Shoot/fp Burn Knuckle

  • Corner Only

Dash or Run?
Combo-oriented, aggressive pressure - Run
Control-oriented, responsive pressure - Dash

Groove Strength:

  1. A
  2. K
  3. C
  4. N
  5. P
  6. S

Ratio with most utility:
Ratio 1

Made some minor revisions. This should cover the generalities that people often come asking for. Any Groove specific question, please direct them to a new thread in this area and, outside of A Groove question, I will do my best to answer them to the fullest of my ability.

Any questions on normals, regular combos, etc. ask away in here.

EDIT: Minor update…

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i use n groove with this mug. i can’t get it down 100%, but buster wolf, to run then hand slap, to powerdunk.
allways close to the corners busters to fp of rk the i need pizza(power guyser)

I use S-terry, he is real good, he just lacks the roll. When in desperation mode, short, short, busterwolf to power geyers all day. When knocked down I do c.fp, c.mk, to busterwolf to power geyser. Double fiercexxcrackshot, then dodging is good because the opponent usually tries to retaliate. I say this is terry’s most underraterd groove, but he is very good in it. Post if you differ.

S Groove also gives Terry something he desperately lacks, a reliable anti air. Dodge then any punch button is a reliable anti air for Terry. The problem I have with N Groove Terry is zoning, it seems to be easier for some reason to zone with a dash groove than a run groove. But that just maybe me.

He has two problems in S Groove -

  1. Dodge attacks suck. Kick has too much start up and lag and not enough priority, punch has zero range.
  2. Running with Terry generally sucks.

Also, you shouldn’t be using a Crack Shoot at the end of your combo. It can be punished by a bunch of different normals and Level 2 supers (some fast Level 1’s like Shining Crystal Bit also). Go for a knockdown with Burn Knuckle or if they block just go for a sweep.

With his Dodge the way it is, it makes it easy to be punished. Someone can throw him all day.

You might as well oc.fp regularly. You’re risking being empty jumped and getting easily thrown, and anything with equal priority trades.

Parry or JD is a much better alternative. Activating is the best but whatever.

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Hmm yes that is true, question? Why do you feel Terry needs a dash groove to be effective. I usually play K or N groove, even though I can play P. But I just havent been very effecctive with Terry in P groove. All that it really takes away is the dash throw, and I would usually have the ability to run in anyway. Just want to get your opinion on this.

Well, Terry controls the best when he’s working with someone who’s on a knockdown. There are too many characters that are played at a high level that can zone him out simply by sticking out higher priority normals than he can counter with. He’ll end up either trying too hard to get in (without an RC) or eating shit while trying to get in.

Dash offers an alternative, because you can set up a throw out of a pressure string immediately. Throws put people on the ground, which effectively puts momentum in your favor. On top of that, Terry’s Dash is good enough to play mind games with alone because it’s one of few dashes that cross up dead bodies. It’s quick, covers ground, and generally offers more than a Run, because whatever Terry’s Run can do, his Dash can do and do more. Dashing back and forth with him is also a very good mind tactic, because it’s quick, and he has the option of taking advatage of a quick sweep (which creates knockdown) at any point in the Dash.

Generally, rushing is attributed to Run grooves, but Terry is not a top tier character, and so you have to rush intelligently. You’re reduced to a control type of rush that, in my experience, Dash adheres the best to. His Dash is just too good to pass up. IMO it’s like Morrigan’s but better, and I hold Morrigan’s Dash in high place ever since CvS1.

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Huh? At any point in the dash?

I was very drunk typing that, I meant to say at any point in the dashing pattern. Its speed was what I was getting at, speed of the dash AND the sweep.

hold on.

how can you say terry’s run sucks i use N-groove and my terry is the shit. and a really good poke is clk,csp,cmp,cfp,cfk…in to either a buster wolf or a dunk to knock them down. With that poke string the fierce kick will connect because Terry’s legs are so long. anyone disagree?


the first three MIGHT link, but the last two definately won’t. and neither will the super at the end. and no one in the right mind uses Power Dunk to end a poke string, it’s predictable from a mile away.

I didn’t say his Run sucks. I said his Dash is better. You don’t know how to maximize a Terrry with Dash obviously, so how would you judge?

i myself think terry is best in c-groove

this is going to sound silly but whats a anchor, a clean-up, battery and other terms people say with character examples

1 what’s better for an anti-air a power dunk or a rising tackle?
2 is it wise to use a lp power dunk after a lk,lk to confuse a player into attaking?

Terry p-groove = too good… arcade kid owns that shit!!! :smiley: (pimpin out arcade kid… word…)

A Battery is a character that you’re good with, but you’re not necessarily going to win with this character - the primary focus with this character is to wear down and take off as much life off of the opponent as possible while building meter for your next character, which is usually your anchor. Your anchor is the strongest link in the team, and you whoop ass with this person (usually a top tier, or like A Sak or A Vega/Bison or something), usually a R2. Your clean up is simply that. If there’s any little shit leftover, you wipe the floor with them because they should, ideally, have a infinitesimal amount of life left and you have a whole frest ass whooping character.

For Anti-air, neither. Look at my list, which is the first post, and I give a list of optimal anti-airs for given situations.

As for your third question, absolutely not. It can be seen from a mile away and you will be punished for it.

man thanks a lot:)

what is terry’s best mind game (if he has one)

Fav. b+b:
c.lk(or any other attacks it really doesn’t matter)xxoc.hpxxmove
you’ll be surprised how much damage it does
works on pretty much every game he’s in, except on mark of the wolves.

Burn knuckle is a good antiair sometimes. It’s really only useful invincible move he has imo. Crack shoot, c.hk, s.lp all work decent as antiair.

Oh and power dunk isn’t that bad in poke strings, but you can’t use it up close.

Terry’s ‘mindgame’ is just rushing the hell out. c.lk, s.hk, dp+k(power dunk overhead), dash and grab, just mix it up randomly. sc. HPxx power wave does good guard meter damage.

I like his j.lk. It’s kinda funny to see someone doing a rush super and get kicked out of it. It’s got good prioriety but it’s also sorta random whether it’ll hit or not :\ I countered Bison’s psycho crusher super a few times with this move.

sweet:) ffd: thanks

what’s terry’s best postion?

Wow!! Can you please teach me the timing for cr lk into oc+hp???

Hold down-forward and tap lk and hp fast. it’s a chain not link so if you can’t pull it off just do it faster.
It’s easier to cancel c.mp or cs. hp into oc.hp than c.lk… I just like c.lp/lk more.

Terry’s rising tackle cc look cool, but they don’t do enough damage :\ but I guess since you can land, do busta wolf and do another rising tackle it’s not bad I guess.

shitty ass rising tackle cc I use:
cs.hk, cs.hk, c.hk, lp burn knuckle, jab like mad, rising tackle until meter gets out, qcfx2+k(hold down), up+p