Terry strats anyone?

im in need of some help wit my terry, i mean combos, seyups whatever any help will do man thanxx in advance

some good combos:

s.hp(2 hits),crack shoot
c.mk, crack shoot
s.hp(2 hits), light burn knuckle
s.hp(2 hits), buster wolf, light burn knuckle
s.hp(2 hits), buster wolf(lv1 or lv2), power geiser(lv1)
you can replace most of these with 2x c.lk.
you can do jump-ins to start combo.

crack shoot, rising tackle are good anti-airs (i think also s.hp/c.hp)
s/c.mk, s.hk, c.hp are good pokes.
dont shoot out random burn knuckles.
power dunk is not a good thing to use often(if ever).
i cant really remember much else.

Cool info, XStatic: I didn’t realize you could do a Crackshoot after the 2-hit hp with Terry, since everyone seems to do the Light Burn Knuckle, but maybe if you want to start the combo with the trusty jump-in hk, the Crackshoot will be too far away, so that’s they the BK with wp comes into play.

I saw this weird C-Groove combo and I need to check it again, but basically it was:

Jump-in, 1-2 hits on the ground, level-1 Buster Wolf, level-2 Power Geyser, Burn Knuckle.

I used jump-in hk, 1-2 crouching LPs, and the jp-BK to make it work. It’s not that hard either! The timing is a bit odd for the Geyser to connect, as you don’t want to start the rotation too sooner, or it won’t come out because the game won’t register your attempt to do it.

I just think the combo’s weird because you can do a level-1 into a level-2, as opposed to doing it in the opposite order!

It’s too bad Terry’s probably better in N-Groove, since he’s kinda good at rushdown, I guess…running in with low mp, but I’m only considering using Terry right now…

more combos

s.hp(2 hits), power geiser(lv2), s.BK

you can switch c.mk into c.mp or whatever in the combos i posted before. same with switching light BK into medium (cept for the buster wolf combo, i think).

S.Fierce (2 hits) into burning nuckle is much better than comboing into crap shoot because it knocks the opponent down. S.Fierce (2hits) xx crap shoot is better as a blocked string.

On characters with a “fat” hit box you can do S.Fierce (2 hits) df.Fierce (1 hit) xx burning nuckle. Example of characters are Terry, Raiden, Zangief, Rolento.

you can do (2) db. fierces if the timing is right i think againts bigger characters too like sagat…so yea (2) db. fierces into a buster wolf.

(2) db.fierces, lvl1 BW, lvl2 PG (timed) . BK (C groove)

thanx for the info everyone…sorry it took me so long to get back but anyways tis all good stuff

Here’s my favorite super combo with the N-Groove (all three power gages must be filled)

Fwd + FP (Garunteed 2 Hits), (Buffered In) Lvl. 3 Buster Wolf, (buffered) Lvl. 1 Power Geyser.

It’s a beautiful 9 Hit combo that sends newbs packing

In N groove after the lv 3 BW then the lv 1 PG, you cannot link a burning knuckle.

Here is a cool way to punish Blanka’s ball with an A-groove Terry.

Try to be kind of far from blanka so you can punish his annoying ball. When he does his ball and it’s coming towards you activate the A-groove power and then…

High Punch, Crack shoot, down + High kick, burning knuckle (with medium punch), down +High kick, burning knuckle, (should be in corner by now), standing High kick and then “Buster Wolf” and last but not least, burning knuckle or crackshoot or anything…

Hope you guys understand it!

Try to estimate the number of down + High kicks, burning knuckles…this is a pretty cool combo that I invented. I did it the first time by mistake, when I accidently activated the A-groove when blanka’s ball was coming towards me.


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I’ll be sharing my Cvs2 video pretty soon. I have some combos with Terry. It’s not the usual stuff with Terry. My combos are different…

coming soon…



Have fun. This has been there for a while. Not much to break down about Terry.

rock and terry rules… cant deny it!:lol:

Since when did strats mean combos??

Shortly after someone decided it was a good idea to ask SRK for strategy.

Since the thread starter asked for them.

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