Test Your Might2! MvC3 & SSF4 Results 3/12/11 (videos are uploading)


first off my apologies as my HDD took a dump on Sunday so i will not be able to provide full results this time around.

MvC3 top 3

  1. D-Dub
  2. Rubillionaire
  3. IE Ricky P

SSF4 Top 3

  1. IE XBlades
  2. Fuson909
  3. I E ZillsGrind

also MvC3 videos are up here: YouTube - temjinalpha’s Channel

Thanks To:
The Monstore for the continued support
NOS for hooking up all the players
Huber thanks yet again for helping me setup
The Hungry Gamer for commentating through out the day :smiley:
every one that showed up to the tournament.

and last but not least The Parking Lot. fun time reminiscing about the old day of worlds finest, shgl etc…

again thanks to all who attended in person or caught us on the live stream.

SSF4 videos will be up tonight/tomorrow morning


Thanks for running things Mando and taking care of the stream!


the ssf4 videos are up.