Test your reaction time (some questions)


My friend James gave me this link:


Pretty useful huh? Great practice if you want to be good at DPing random CC activations etc…

Is anybody here postive as to how many FPS CvS2 runs at? I could of swore it was 60, but my friend insists it’s 30.

I tried the test 20 times, and my best time was 0.241 seconds. If CvS2 runs at 60 FPS, then that means anything faster than 14.46 frames, I can’t react to.

Haohmaru’s far s.HP hits in 18 frames. I didn’t test it out, but if this test is correct, then I most likely will be able to reaction block that.

Is blocking in this game instant as well? Or is there a 2 or 3 frame lag?

edit: I’m bad at arithmetic…


in 3 tries i got 0.172 =D


it also includes the time till button is released… hence why the time is so slow.

EDIT: fastest i got was 0.16. But that was like 2 times out of 20 tries.


Might be more accurate with like a 5 second startup and keyboard presses instead of mouse.

My best was .26 kinda shitty

Edit: .22 :smiley:


Would be better if you had an arcade button. :slight_smile:

Don’t see how this would help you DP random CC activations?

Punishing whiffed pokes is best time for reaction IMO. But it’s not just reaction… It’s recognizing what poke whiffed, distance, what counter you do, and THEN reacting. It has to almost be instinct, because if you have time to think about it… it’s gone! :slight_smile:


2nd try, first was .156 then i stopped cause i was bored


CvS2 runs at 60. Remember that most monitors and TV screens really don’t show 60fps very well, so it appears to be 30. But it’s 60.

This means one frame = 1/60th of a second. 6 frames is a 1/10th of a second. 30 frames is a half second.

My reaction time was about 0.200 seconds, meaning I can (theoretically) react to anything that takes 12 frames or longer to come out.

As long as back is being held when an attack from an opponent is out, blocking is automatic.


.16 was my best, how do you save like the picture of your desktop?


Best I got was .078


Anyone can get a ridiculously low number if they randomly click for awhile.


You can kinda anticipate the background flashing after a while. I got a pretty consistant .172


Human reaction time has its limits. To get really fast you have to be able to react correctly without thinking. I think its called mushin, meaning “no mind”. From thousands of hours of practice you develop unconcious awareness to react without going through the logic process in your mind. So yeah…get a friend, practice trying to DP random CC activations for 4 hours a day for a couple months and you’ll make A-groovers cry. Maybe.

Practice makes beastly.


Can you super random activations as well?


.19 on the third try.


.16 First Try, and i’m not surprised at the results that many of you gave, study shows gamers have really high reaction times.

Tip: Pick Green/neongreen colors, the human eye is more sensative to it.


haha! .016 seconds, on about my 8th try. :slight_smile:


I dunno if you’re asking if I can do it, but I can’t. I actually suck at actual playing, I just know how stuff works on paper. About the only thing I can do on reaction in CvS2 is freeze up and eat the super/CC, usually. :frowning:


press shift + print screen to copy whats on your screen, you have to paste it in paint or any other imaging porgrame.

or you can press ctr+print screen and it will copy the image of the SELECTED window, nothing, and just repeat the processe of pasting image in your paint.


still srub

clicking game != better at cvs2



dunno if it was directed to Seerd as pun :stuck_out_tongue: but it is possible… Ino vs Combofiend… evo2k2 i think? Combofiend eats a sagat super 2 times because of random activation… everybody was like OMFG :expressionless: