(Test Your Skills 11) [The Ultimate Fighter] Houston Tx Sept-4-2010 Results

AirbrushKing Venue

13700 Beechnut St.
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Contact Information:
Email: AirbrushKing@abdk.net
Capacity/Hours: 400+ People 40+ Tables 300+ Chairs/Hrs:10am-2am


Jan- Good shit jan on getting 1st and thanks for helping me run the ssf4 brackets:tup:

Austin/San Antonio- Thank you for your support. Ill see you at the next tournament on Oct 9.

2 Everyone who brought setups- Thanks, it made the tournament run alot faster:tup:

The Aftermath

This Test Your Skills 11 seemed kinda strange cause we had over 100+ people in attendance and most of everyone just showed up for casuals and didnt even enter most of the tournaments?:wtf: Now that thats over, Its time to announce Test Your Skills 12 (1yr Anniversary) on Oct 9. Time flys when you running a series. I would like to start off by saying thank you to texas and all of my supporters who keep this series alive because without you, there will be no me! I said that I was going to get a sponsor to come aboard and i decided to save that sponsor for Cali Vs Texas 2. I will be sponsoring pot bonuses for Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel Vs Capcom 2. The amount is undecided yet but will announced later. Alot of Money matches got rescheduled due to players not showing up so this time, I hope everyone can put there money were there mouth is. I want to make this TYS special so I want to schedule some undercards and some main events. I would like to see in SSF4 and ST/HadoKen Vs Crow/Jewelman/Anybody And in Marvel/AirbrushKing Vs Big Chris/Jacob/Toan. I will use the ([media=youtube]BeNaRgHsdaI&feature=fvst"[/media]) room for this event. To everyone that doesnt know, that room can hold 400+ people. I will be pulling out the projectors for this event so this you will not want to be missed. Time to get this hype started cause I know alot of salt was gathered at this tournament so LETS GO!

(Mvc2 Money Match Results:slight_smile:

AirbrushKing Vs Big Chris [3 Sets] AirbrushKing 2-1 All I got to say is I did it twice, and I will gladly do it again. U was talking all that hot shit at monsters arcade so MAN UP and see me for 100$ Oct 9. Accept or Decline. You have been Called Out!

Ps: I like PYT over you anyday.:badboy:

AirbrushKing Vs Richard 3-0 Richard. Good shit man. I knew I should have zoned you out. I see what u doing now. You wait till level 3 super and wait till I call my assist to kill my character. Iceman will take care of that next time. Chip damage ftw:tup:

Big Chris Vs Richard- [Big Chris 3-0] I would like to sidebet on the runback now that he has seen what u got!

**AirbrushKing Vs Tin **- Low tier [2-0 AirbrushKing] Tin, I got my money back from midnight comics. You gonna have to get you a low tier team. I tried to tell you its a huge difference when you come into my world. All the infinite’s stop. 100% strategy. Thats all imma say…

There were like over 10+ money matches so I cant list them all.:wtf:

Tournament Results:) (Turnout was 100+) :rock:

(Super Street Fighter 4)


1st Gmma Jan

2nd Chobo

3rd Hadoken696969

(Smash Bros. Brawl)


1st Razor (Snake)

2nd Lee Martin (Lucario)

3rd UTDZac

(Smash Bros. Melee)


1st Rayz

2nd Jake 13

3rd JF

(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) (Canceled/No entrys) :sad:

(Soul Calibur 4) (Canceled/No entrys)

(Tekken 6) (Canceled/No entrys)


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Congratulations to the champions. See you all at the next tournament on Oct 9 (1 yr Anniversary).