(Test Your Skills 13) [The Massacre] Houston Tx Dec-11-2010

AirbrushKing.net is not affiliated with Planet-Zero alias PZ and is located in Houston Texas.

AirbrushKing Venue

13700 Beechnut St.
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Contact Information:
Email: AirbrushKing@abdk.net
Capacity/Hours: 500+ People 40+ Tables 300+ Chairs/Hrs:10am-2am

For future updates/info on test your skills tournaments, follow me today at twitter.com/testyourskills

The Story

Coming Soon!

Airport/Hotels/Housing/Food Areas:

Hotels close to Funplex (CLICK HERE)

Food Areas- (located down the street) Mc Donalds/Subway/Churches Chicken

Atm- CVS (located down the street)


B.Y.O.S/Bring Your Own Setups (Tv/Console/Controller/Arcade Sticks/Ubs cables)

You are not required to bring any setups but if you do, you will be compensated

Live Stream:
AirbrushKing.net (Front Page Under Recent News)


Movie Theater
12,000 Sq. Ft. Roller Skating Rink
40 Lane Bowling Alley & Pritchard’s Pro Shop & Bar

Confirmed States/Cities/International:

Dallas (Tx)



Venue/Entry Fees:
$8$ (Venue) (Wristband) (Purchased at the entrance)
$10$ (Entry) (Per Game) (Collected inside of the venue)

Cash Prizes/Payout:

1st 70% + AirbrushKing Custom Airbrushed Prizes
2nd 20% + Funplex Prizes
3rd 10%

Special Prizes sponsored by AirbrushKing.net and Smashbrostournaments.com

(Rules and Regulations)

A wristband MUST be purchased in order for you to enter the venue. If you do not have a wristband on, you will be asked to get one. If you REFUSE, you will be escorted out the venue by SECURITY!


(((Casuals start at 12:00Noon & Registration for all games begin at 1:00pm)))

(Smash Bros. Brawl) (Wii)

Singles Tournament begins at 2:00pm Ran by Xyro

(Smash Bros. Melee) (Gamecube/Wii)

Singles Tournament begins at 2:00pm Volunteer/ran by Jake 13

(Super Street Fighter 4) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 3:00pm Volunteer/ran by Jan

  • 2 vs 2 Teams (Waseda Format) 20$/Per Team/10$/Per Person

(Street Fighter HD Remix) (Ps3)

Singles Tournament begins at 3:00pm Volunteer/ran by HadouKen69

(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) (Dreamcast) (Ps3 & X360 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 4:00pm Ran by AirbrushKing

  • Low Tier 5$/Entry/Per Person

(BlazBlue) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 5:00pm Volunteer/ran by Jan

  • 2 vs 2 Teams (Waseda Format) 20$/Per Team/10$/Per Person

(((5$ Late Fee for any sign up?s after the tournament begins for all games so be ON TIME)))

((For All Games Rules Go To?> Rules and Regulations?|?AirbrushKing Tournaments))

Followed by the
Main Event/Money Matches:

**Coming Soon [?] (SSF4) **

Undercards/Money Matches:

[CENTER]**Coming Soon! **

(If you have a grudge/want to money match anybody. Post or Pm me so I can add it in this section)[/CENTER]

Test Your Skills/HOBO Results:

Test Your Skills & HOBO Results?|?AirbrushKing Tournaments

Upcoming Tournaments:

[-tx-jan-8-2011-a-254471/"](Test Your Skills 14) Laredo/5 vs 5/Houston [1000$MM] Tx Jan-8-2011](http://shoryuken.com/f7/test-your-skills-14-laredo-5-vs-5-houston-[1000$mm)

Announcement will be made shortly. Stay tuned!

Damn dawg! Im fina take 2 set ups! One for bb cs & one fo ssf4 daww!

Hey make that mm happen between sean and will the trilogy! And is jewelman gona give up some free money this time too?!

Good Shit on them setups. Just make sure that marvel is on 1 of them just in case I have to issue out some beatings. The Sean Vs Will Trilogy mm will be coming soon. As far as jewelman goes, i havent heard anything from him so he knows what to do if he wants to get this free money. Show UP! Time to get these boys salty this tournament. Cant wait =]

Dammit…running on xbox. lol Means that I’ll have to borrow a stick, which will probably be a 4-gate. lol

lol sometimes somebody brings ps3 ssf4. If they do, you can play your match on that if your opponent agrees. Kinda up to them. What character do you main btw?

2 more months and mvc3 will be here. Cant wait t start holding mvc2 and mvc3 tournaments. I wonder which game will be the hypest?

so what are all the money matches happening at this tournament? is hadoken playing that one ryu player for a lot?

Yes its going down? How much do you want to put on hadoken? This is the biggest ssf4 mm to date. The amount will be announced in the results thread…

Imma be up in this B! See you fools on sat <3

Time to get another tys on the road. This tournament should be good cause we got alot of mm going down so im looking forward to seeing some hype…

Edit: (((TYS 13/DEC 10 UPDATE)))

TYS 13 will NOT be held upstairs! We are returning to the room we originally started in. The room is located in the bowling alley area. Directions: Come into funplex parking lot and look for the bowling alley area. Enter the building through the bowling alley and we are the 1st door to the left. A person will be at the door to give you your wristband. If you are bringing setups, call or text me at 281-690-0315. This is going to be HYPE so BE ON TIME! See everyone 2morrow…

making an impulsive decision to attend. see you guise there.

Edit: highway 6 is total dildos btw