(Test Your Skills 14) Laredo/5 vs 5/Houston [1000$MM] Tx Jan-8-2011


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AirbrushKing Venue

13700 Beechnut St.
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Contact Information:
Email: AirbrushKing@abdk.net
Capacity/Hours: 500+ People 40+ Tables 300+ Chairs/Hrs:10am-2am

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The Story

Coming Soon!

Airport/Hotels/Housing/Food Areas:

Hotels close to Funplex (CLICK HERE)

Food Areas- (located down the street) Mc Donalds/Subway/Churches Chicken

Atm- CVS (located down the street)


B.Y.O.S/Bring Your Own Setups (Tv/Console/Controller/Arcade Sticks/Ubs cables)

You are not required to bring any setups but if you do, you will be compensated

Live Stream:
AirbrushKing.net (Front Page Under Recent News)


Movie Theater
12,000 Sq. Ft. Roller Skating Rink
40 Lane Bowling Alley & Pritchard’s Pro Shop & Bar

Confirmed States/Cities/International:

Laredo (Tx)



Venue/Entry Fees:
$8$ (Venue) (Wristband) (Purchased at the entrance)
$10$ (Entry) (Per Game) (Collected inside of the venue)

Cash Prizes/Payout:

1st 70% + AirbrushKing Custom Airbrushed Prizes
2nd 20% + Funplex Prizes
3rd 10%

Special Prizes sponsored by AirbrushKing.net and Smashbrostournaments.com

(Rules and Regulations)

A wristband MUST be purchased in order for you to enter the venue. If you do not have a wristband on, you will be asked to get one. If you REFUSE, you will be escorted out the venue by SECURITY!


(((Casuals start at 12:00Noon & Registration for all games begin at 1:00pm)))

(Smash Bros. Brawl) (Wii)

Singles Tournament begins at 2:00pm Ran by Xyro

(Smash Bros. Melee) (Gamecube/Wii)

Singles Tournament begins at 2:00pm Volunteer/ran by Jake 13

(Super Street Fighter 4) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 3:00pm Volunteer/ran by Jan

  • 2 vs 2 Teams (Waseda Format) 20$/Per Team/10$/Per Person

(Street Fighter HD Remix) (Ps3)

Singles Tournament begins at 3:00pm Volunteer/ran by HadouKen69

(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) (Dreamcast) (Ps3 & X360 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 4:00pm Ran by AirbrushKing

  • Low Tier 5$/Entry/Per Person

(BlazBlue) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 5:00pm Volunteer/ran by Jan

  • 2 vs 2 Teams (Waseda Format) 20$/Per Team/10$/Per Person

(((5$ Late Fee for any sign up?s after the tournament begins for all games so be ON TIME)))

((For All Games Rules Go To?> Rules and Regulations?|?AirbrushKing Tournaments))

Followed by the
Main Event/Money Matches:

**Team Laredo vs Team Houston [1000$] (SSF4) **

Undercards/Money Matches:

[CENTER]**Coming Soon! **

(If you have a grudge/want to money match anybody. Post or Pm me so I can add it in this section)[/CENTER]

Test Your Skills/HOBO Results:

Test Your Skills & HOBO Results?|?AirbrushKing Tournaments


its really laredo vs houston? i think to truly test laredo you gotta throw in sinx, mexiwont or an austin player since houston will most likely take 3 or 4 solid spots


I do agree with that but houston has already formed there team. I wanted to throw in some out of city players but that wouldnt be fair cause they dont stay here. I originally wanted to throw in the people who got beat at there tournament like Sin-x, Jan, Hamm and so forth but I dont want schedules to conflict so i suggested the best way is to keep it in houston. After this tournament, mikey boy had a good idea and said that a south texas vs north texas would be tight and I agree. I will most likely host that tournament next year sometime before cali vs texas 2 so we can get some last minute training in. Projected date will probably feb 2011…


Houston isn’t gonna let out-of-towners take first place again


i guess there will be our runback jeweman 1000 or 500 plus guys from laredo supposely got some mm with ya guys and maybe i might join the tournement this time if the pot is enough


I hope your cammy is ready to stop them…

You need to join the tournament regardless of the pot to represent and defend your city. Cant be letting out of towners come in and take over. Im currently finding out who there best is and setting up money matchs between you and them. So far, they have a rose and balrog players that are real good. We shall see how they will test there skills against houston. I want to see some serious action cause that 1 year anniversary main event was swine flu. Got me hyped for another 1 of those events…


ill just hold down the out of town money matches and let jan, adeel , madoc, and rubeks hold down the tourneys, you no me abk , im all about the benjamins watttttttt


who is in team houston


This. I’m pretty sure I know who decided on that, but who are the people on the team.


the teams hasnt even been decided yet chester but ill back out if anyone wants to take me spot i just care about the money matches

hopefully i can get some sf2 or sfhdr action for some dough


We got our 5 confirmed players for the Laredo vs Houston event. We will see you all up in the H December 4th.


man i want to go to this but no ride oh well next time i guess


All good man. Maybe you can make it to the [-houston-tx-dec-11-2010-a-256861/"]dec 11 tournamen](http://shoryuken.com/f7/test-your-skills-13-[-massacre)t. Check with hamm and see if he can make it. I would house you all again so we can get some games it. Last time was 2 fun…


I reckon TYS needs more Balrog. I will show up in this tournament and bring all the cheat codes!!!


Hey, if somebody wants to enter HDR and SSF4, how do you guys handle contention - if matches in both games are called at the same time (or while one of them is in progress?)


lol make copy of those cheat codes while your at it. Havent seen you in a min. Were u been?

Whats up. Entering both games is no problem and Its normally handled as the person who is called for both games will just have to play 1 game at a time and then go to the next game when there done. Do you do mm in hdr and who do you play in ssf4?


Been busy at College studying not much time to myself but its been fun. Now that Im off I plan to cheat my way to the top in TYS!


wtf mvc2 tourny on DC? definitely gonna be there for the jan. 8th event. after checking out the rules page i saw 3rd strike there and really wish that was being played :frowning: i suck at ssf4 lol. i’d better order my cthulu mc board asap then.


ill bring out the balrog bro


Can I still bring cheat codes?