(Test Your Skills 14) [Laredo Vs Houston] Tx Jan-8-2011 Results

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Laredo- Good seeing you all. Glad you could experience 1 of my tournaments and look forward to a run back in the future.

Jan/Josh- Appreciate the help my ninjas =]

2 everyone who brought setups- Thank you. Made the tournament run alot faster.

The Aftermath

Good stuff laredo on taking the mm and supporting TYS 14. I plan on doing Laredo Vs Houston 2 sometime after A.E. drops on console. Houston put up a good fight. Special shoutout goes to team houston jan/rubeks/stone and johnny d for ocving them 1st set. See everyone Feb 12 at Bar Fights.

Tournament Results:) (Turnout was 80+):clapdos:

Laredo/4 Vs 4/Houston (800$ MM) Laredo/2-1/Houston (SSF4)

(Super Street Fighter 4)


1st Jacob

2nd Jewelman

3rd Jan

(Marvel vs Capcom 2)


1st Eric

2nd AirbrushKing

3rd SuperDuperKidd

(Smash Bros. Brawl)


1st Gnes (Diddy)

2nd Razor (Snake)

3rd Trela (Lucario)

(Smash Bros. Melee)


1st Jake 13

2nd Oscar

3rd Tirno

(HD Remix) (Canceled/No entrys)

Blazblue (Canceled/No entrys)


Coming Soon!

(:Past Tournament Results Thread:)

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Congratulations to the champions. See you all at the next tournament on Feb 12 (Barfights).

That Laredo stuff won’t happen next time…I’ll be in attendance.

I agree. Laredo Vs Houston 2 needs to be Jan/Suavion/adeel/Johnny D/? this is my opinion. They said there going to be picking up mvc3 so I will gladly do a 5 vs 5 in that also.

i want to be a part of team LAREDO! LOL

Ill make sure hadoken is on the team and you and him can go 1st :wink:

Just to be perfectly clear. The next tourney (Feb. 12 Barfights) will be held in Houston? Its sounds kinda similar to that tourney that happens in Dallas.

Good luck trying to get Adeel to take off work for a TYS tournament, he will only take off for ones that are worth his while, aka Absolute Battle/Quakecon. If the money is there, then sure.


Laredo’s random is better then your random! WHO DOES THAT MOVE!!!

TYS Bar Fights on feb 12 will be held at smileys. The new venue for our wed fight nights. I will be hosting 2 tournaments there. 1 on feb 12 and 1 in march. The march date is tba. What side of houston do you stay on and have you came to any of the weeklys?

Im sure he would want to defend houston and ill make sure the money is there. Houston is down 400$ so to break even we have to run it back 200$ per person. I like the idea of 250$ each person as I was telling mikey boy. I would like Laredo Vs Houston 2 to be 5 vs 5 2500$ total. No more 4 vs 4. When A.E. hits consoles we will work the details out.

do another with laredo before AE i’ll be laredo’s 5th

That’s the same tournament you lost to Crow’s constant jump back roundhouse isn’t it? :looney:

Hey, I remember that tournament!


I’m totally trademarking those lines. “Who does that?” and “Who gets hit by that?” now belong to me and anyone who utters them will have to pay me a quarter per usage. :lol:

P.S. Jewelman is a meany-face because he never responds to my game invites on PSN.

LOL best sayings ever and ya i lost to jump back sagat

I wonder will crow play sagat now that hes back to being buffed in A.E?

Good deal Houston, we will definetly do this again in the future. Was a real close one ,

I stay on the South West. Pretty close to Planet Zero. I got a kid so I don’t come to the week day stuff but Saturday tournaments should be a go if I know the date ahead of time. I made it to two tournaments last year and I’m trying to quadruple that. Even bought a stick to a system (xbox) I dont even own. lol

Apparently, Crow’s playing Bison and says he can beat me for free in a mirror.:looney:

Nice! I recommend you at least come to the wed fight nights to meet everybody and to level up. Last wed had about 20-25 players so if you come, im sure people could help you with your character your using. What characters do you use and who is your main?

Ohh damnnn. Are you playing him for money and when is this suppose to go down?

Is this the Smiley’s in Sugarland off of Highway 6? If its not too far, I could make an appearance one of these Wednesdays. I’m always trying to level up. I main Honda.

Yea thats the smileys im talking about. We set up everything to the left hand side when you come in close to the bar every wed. Last week we had 20-25 players show up so this week should be good. Hope to see that honda of yours. Houston doesnt have any hondas =/ How long have you been playin honda?