(Test Your Skills 9) SSF4/Brawl/MvC2/Melee/Sc4/Tvc Houston,TX May-8-2010


I just talked to him and it’s actually his roommates ps3 so he doesn’t have a name. His roommate’s name that he uses is like aizenticho i think. On May 8th he will have only been playing the game, his first fighting game, around a month total, you’ve been playing for 8+ years, would you really only play him if he only uses low tier? o_O

I’m not exaggerating when I say he just started playing last week. Like I said before, if you accept and we get there and someone is like yeah i’ve seen him before playing Marvel then the money match will be off.


pick an exact team first agaisnt my ryu/ken/akuma and i’ll see… but we would only be playing that mm as an extra 50$ mm post our original mm of your guile/iceman/sent vs my rogue/cyke/capcom 1st to 5 for 50$.



i challenge your iceman/guile/sent against my rubyheart/commando/doom. ft5 for a box of pizza, 6 pack of beer, and gas money.


no TvC hype???

First to 7 for 100???

Any takers?


Joey H This story you telling me is sounding more funnier than ever. Tell him to show up and if I like what I see, Ill play him. For now, the amount is tba. If he doesnt like the tba, then find somebody else that will be there. Also, I know you probably teaching him how to run away with sentinel which is all good. Those silly gimmicks dont work anymore on me. Better ask them japs online :]

Ok. Guile/Iceman/Jin vs your ryu/ken/akuma. Sign on the dotted line sir so we can get this crackin and HELL NO I aint playing for another 50$. I will play for something but not for 50$…

That sounds very tempting. I know I would sodomize that team easy 2. We will see jacob. You will get your shot in due time my friend. Pick some more low tier teams so I can choose which 1s I want to fight…

I can setup you and a guy named gheko and see what he says? What team do you play btw?


lol why do you always skip the important part… i said we’re suppose to have a run back between your guile/iceman/sent vs my rogue/cyke/cap FIRST. <- this is a race to 5 for 50$ … that 3 legends vs guile/iceman/jin can be for whatever other price you want… i’m down to play that set for however much you want, just as long as we play that rematch game FIRST. if you can’t agree to that, then its no bueno… agree to what you’ve said here as follows:

sound good?


I got Jacob’s low tier teams over Airbrushking and jumpy… If Jacob plays high tier easy money just saying the truth but who knows could be wrong but Jacob does have some sick low tier… That fool is the king of low tier…


I agree to both money matches. The question is do you agree? And I want to play some more low tier teams so get some teams together and let me know so i can start picking which 1s I want to fight…

How much you like jacob over me for. If he picks that ruby team vs Team GIS its 2 easyyyyy…


so after we play our runback mm… we’re playing the guile/iceman/jin vs my 3 legends for how much$$ and ft what??

PYT: is my rogue/cyke/cap low-tier enough to for you to bet on jacob against me… like ft5 for 30$ or something?


@airbrush: umm idk how his ruby team looks like so I can’t really say… I never seen it before… But idk it depends how ur playing that day…

@jumpy: as far as side betting I rarely do that, really hardly ever, but it depends how everybody is playing that day… So how knows could go either way, but clearly y’all three have the best low tier in North Texas… Just depends who is playing better with there team that day… So it’s pretty much a toss up… Should be gg’s between u 3…

P.S: what u guys should do is have a 3 way MM FT10 $100 each head, that would be cool to see…


I’d be down for that haha


Okay this is the deal in have…

Me and Joey been talking nohomo… And we both came to terms that…
We want a 3 v 3… Me/Joey/Ronald vs Evan/Ivan/Eric $100 each person…

So ronald if u like this offer and want to team up with me and Joey… Post that ur down, also if Evan/Ivan/Eric if u 3 are down post and confirm…


First to 5 for $200 Give me 2 too 1 odds

First to 7 for 100 right? I play all kinds of teams, Ken/Tekka, Ippatsu/Tekka, Zero/Polymar, Frank/Casshern, Jun/Yatter2

Get back at me and let me know, I might make the trip.


Toan said no 2 too 1 odds… FT7 for $200?? And where are u from??


@Saetan okay to make this clear u are willing to play " Toan in Marvel vs Capcom 2" for $200 FT5 right??


In the air right now. Maybe for 20$/ft3. I like that fast money cause i know i would sodomize that team frayyyyy…

The negotiations went smooth. Spoke to eric and his crew yesterday. They said they are down (meaning wait till tournament for confirmation) but for 50$-100$/each person. He said he wants to wait till the tournament to confirm cause he doesnt want to commit to anything so we shall all see the day of the tournament but more than likely its going down. Lets GO! :]

Carnevil: Were you at? I need you to record some of these matches for me. Help a brother out…

I didnt even know you played marvel. What teams do you play? I might be down for some mm action if the teams are right. Ill accept odds if you dont play low tier just to make it fair…


I doubt GHneko will do that mm, i’m better than him at TvC (unless he has gotten a lot better) and im not all that good at the game my self…


Umm ok, is he scared?? I am from Finland

Just to make things clear. I do not think toan plays any other game than MvC2??? Does he!!! So… what the fuck other game would I be asking him to play??? Lets look at your other post and find out shall we??? " Originally Posted by P.Y.T
To let everybody know that plays Mvc2 that will be attending the tounry, Toan is willing to MM anybody for any amount… Do we have any takers??"

What game are you talking about man??? Get at me on some odds and we might make something go down. Until then, tell toan to get some smart people to do his bidding on matches.

So what does that mean??? Are you willing to do it or is Ghneko willing to say no or is everybod in this state some weird people??


Let me break it down for you.

GHneko sucks at TvC, he will not do a $100 mm


Saetan, ill play you but odds in a game like marvel is ridiculous. Well play for ft7 for $200 and then we can run it back. That’s the best I can do.

Edit: tell you what, how about I give you 2 free wins in a ft7 for $200? You win 5 games and I gotta win 7 games to win overall.