(Test Your Skills Bar Fights 1) [The Beginning] Houston Tx Feb-12-2011 Results

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Corpus/Dallas/Lousiana- Good seeing you all and look forward to seeing you all in the future.

Jan/Josh- Appreciate the help my ninjas =]

2 everyone who brought setups- Thank you. Made the tournament run alot faster.

The Aftermath

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(Mvc2 Money Match Results:slight_smile:

Eric Vs SuperDuperKidd 100$ [FT10] 10-5 Eric
Eric Vs PYT 20$ [FT3] 3-2 Eric
Eric Vs Toan 20$ [FT3] 3-1 Eric

Wow, just would like to say this man eric went undefeated in money matches. Dayumm, I couldnt believe he sauced up toan like that. It was like everyone lined up to get wooped. Toan requested that him and eric be a main event at my next tournament which is April 9 so I will grant his wish. Pyt said he wants to be an undercard. Looks like everybody wants runbacks and I told everybody that boys will be salty and some upsets will happen. What makes this even worse is that eric texted me and said he hadnt played since the last tournament. Cant wait till [-houston-tx-apr-9-2011-a-267913/"]April 9](http://shoryuken.com/f7/test-your-skills-15-[salty-runbacks) to see whats gonna happen:china:

Tournament Results:) (Turnout was 50+):clapdos:

(Super Street Fighter 4)


1st Jan

2nd Jewelman

3rd Hawk

(Smash Bros. Melee)


1st DoH

2nd Nana

3rd Wobbles

All other games (Canceled/No entrys)


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(:Past Tournament Results Thread:)

Test Your Skills Results

Congratulations to the champions. See you all at the next tournament on [-houston-tx-apr-9-2011-a-267913/"]Apr 9 Test Your Skills 15](http://shoryuken.com/f7/test-your-skills-15-[salty-runbacks)!

Shoutouts to Jans godlike reflexes.

Hey airbrush, it’s was 3-2 me v eric and it was 3-1 toan v Eric

My bad, its fixed. Confirm your runback [-houston-tx-apr-9-2011-a-267913/"]here](http://shoryuken.com/f7/test-your-skills-15-[salty-runbacks). Lets get this party started :wink: