Test Your Skills Bar Fights 6 (Road to FR 13) (Feb 11,2012) Results

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The Aftermath

Test Your Skills Bar Fights 6 had a total of 50+ players come out. I would like to give shoutouts to (Denton) (Dallas) (Killeen) Tx and (Oklahoma) that came. Congrads to Jan for getting 1st in Umvc3/Rose Kid for getting 1st in Ssf4/Pfhor for getting 1st on Melty Blood. Nice to see melty blood get hype, that shit talk and energy reminds me of mvc2 money matches. Thanks to everyone else who came and will see you all April 14 at TYS Bar Fights 7, Lets GO!

Tournament Results:) (Turnout was 50+):clapdos:

**(Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3) **Top 8 Champions

**1 **Jan
**2 **Gox
3 Josh
**4 **Sylint
**5 **Mo Trappers
**6 **AirbrushKing
**7 **3nigmat1c
**8 **Andres

**(Super Street Fighter 4 A.E.) **Top 8 Champions

**1 **Rose Kid
**2 **Jan
3 Brolly
**4 **Ray
**5 **Sylint
**6 **Back do
**7 **3nigmat1c
**8 **Evil ennis

**(Melty Blood AACC) **Top 8 Champions

**1 **Pfhor
**2 **Denthorn
3 Maru
**4 **Texas Tim
**5 **Fox step ceo
**6 **Chicago joe
**7 **Peter
**8 **Chase

**(Smash Bros. Melee) **Top 8 Champions

**1 **Mojo
**2 **Broly
3 KosMos
**4 **Vash
**5 **Paul
**6 **Kalo
**7 **Jake13
**8 **Kal

All other games (Canceled/No entrys)

:)Past Tournament Results Thread:)

Test Your Skills Results

Congratulations to the champions. See you all at TYS Bar Fights 7 on Apr 14, 2012!