Testing CCC2 For Input Lag

If you haven’t been keeping up with Sirlin’s thread “CCC2 info”, I’ll briefly summarize why this video was necessary…

After Evo2007, I was quite vocal about my distaste for CCC2 because of its input lag. Several people claimed that CCC2 is just fine, and that I was “making up” this input lag as an excuse for why Gian didn’t win at Evo. We needed some solid evidence one way or the other, so I took the time to put this vid together. (And it did take quite a bit of time.)

http://nki.combovideos.com (It’s the last one listed under “Miscellaneous vids”.)

Hopefully it’s self-explanatory, but I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

And if anyone cares, the song used is Ghostwriter (remix) by RJD2.

The thing thats kind of freaky here is DC sometimes lagging. I hope that isn’t an issue for HD Remix – though I’m sure you’ve already communicated this to Sirlin.

Well, I am very hesitant to say this, because I really want the DC version’s input lag to get fixed in STHD, but…it’s not a huge deal. Most people (myself included) probably can’t detect one frame of input lag just by playing the game, especially when the lag isn’t constant. (Remember, sometimes the DC version has no lag.)

I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will jump on in support or deriding the relevance of your test. So I’ll just go ahead and thank you for taking the time and effort to produce this vid. As someone who only recently took up ST, I’m glad that there are people who care enough about the scene to do this.

Well, science is science.

Method seems sound. Good job.

wow crazy, didnt know it was that bad


good song too

Thanks for putting the time into this NKI. You are doing science and I’m, still alive.

edit - wow, timing it to the music! maybe you put too much time into it! but it was an enjoyable watch that way.

Very illuminating. Thanks, NKI.

Mmm, the delicious taste of science. So refreshing after spending too much time listening to people in the 9/11 CT thread.


Cool vid!

Hahaha poor Sirlin. Vid was good. I knew there was something odd with my O. Sagat tiger shots when I first booted up CCC2 for the first time… I just thought it was just me.

Good shit NKI

It’s still so sad that this version turned out to be the worst yet. :sad:

I guess just have to wait for STHD now.

Worst? Wasn’t the 3do version pretty terrible? :wink:

Thanks. Maybe they can learn from this when making STHD.

Quick question, do all psx to dc converters lag at least 1 frame? Specifically, how does the Innovation psx to dc one do?

Really nice vid. But why does the arcade have 4 frames of imput lag? That’s just weird. I’ve always thought arcade has none. When tested on an emulator(fba), there should be only one frame of imput lag for ST due to the sound. The arcade lags more than emulator? o_O

very nice work NKI. glad you were able to prove people wrong especially when they take cheap personal shots at you.

damn, thats one hell of a way to test something.

and 8 frames of input lag should be noticeable to any player that plays fast frame games like ST and mvc2.

is it possible to stop kicking this dead horse now?

Which version of Ghost Writer is that? Sounds different than the one i have.