Testing Out Used Sticks


So I’ve had the Madcatz SE sticks for a long time now, and they have served their purpose well, but I think its time to upgrade to the TE sticks. I’m going to meet up with a person later today who wants to sell his TE stick, but I wanted to make sure all the buttons work first. Bringing an Xbox and a TV to Starbucks would be very difficult, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a program on a computer/laptop that could help me with the button/joystick check. Also, should I be looking for anything else while checking out the arcade stick? A quick reply would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance SRK!


If you have MAME or GGPO on your laptop that would be your best bet for trying the stick out.

Besides checking to make sure that all the buttons and the joystick work that is pretty much it.


Are there any drivers that I would need specifically so that my laptop would recognize the arcade stick? Even though it’s USB?


If you have Windows 7 or Vista it should get the driver automatically if its a xbox stick. I am not sure if you need to download the drivers for xp.


Well, buttons aren’t really an issue with TE’s. Not to say they don’t break or don’t stop working after a long period of time, but they’re easily replaceable and are very affordable (2 bucks per button). Depending on the price, I’d buy it anyways cause I always have spare buttons. I’d buy the case alone for 50 bucks.

Modding these aren’t hard either.