Testing shortcuts for FADC. Anyone know any tips?

I can do most FADC’s into ultra. I just hate how you have to hump 12 inputs in 1 second to do so X_x.

I was testing Forward forward before the MK MP.
Its picky, but I can get it to work on codys ruffian HP ff.mpmk ultra.
it was being even more picky with EXBingo. I didn’t think it worked at first.
but after watching the timings, I got EX-Bingo into FF mkmp

As in, it actually shows both FF’s release in the input spam.

Does anyone else do this ? FF then MPMK for focus atks ? to save time while going into ultra?

does it seem to work more reliably on some ultras than others?
because its easy to pull off with his HKruffian, but its more strict on his EX Bingo.

Or, are there any other shortcuts for FADC into ultra?
I can do it, i just hate mashing that many inputs in half a second.

And of coarse, you have to keep the delay between the FF and mkmp to a very minimum. if there is a gap at all between the FF and MKMP, it fails. (Standard issue lineance timer)

with his EX Bingo FADC you have to make sure you wait untill the first hit is landing before you do the FF input or he wont actually dash. so it doesnt save as much time on this input. which is the one I was wanting to easy up (even though its kinda easy the normal way).

with HPRuffian, I have extra free time doing the FF first. its more forgiving.

eh, its so lineant that Ive had ff b.mkmp show up on the input list and he correctly dashes forward (due to my stick registering the back when i release the stick).

when you say forward forward, do you mean




Personally when I do FADCs, I just hold the previous forward input, press focus attack, and tap forward again. This makes FADCs a pretty easy and quick thing to do, which is important for characters that quickly need to link another attack after the dash. For example, when I do Ryu’s FADC into ultra. After I input the DP motion, I hold the stick in the down-forward position, press focus attack, and just tap forward once to get the dash to come out. It feels a bit strange at first since you need to hold the stick in that position a bit longer than necessary, but it makes my motions a lot more consistent and a LOT easier to do.