Tetra Championship In Brazil


My name is Alejandro - Vengador in Chile and vengador_29 psn id.
I wonder if some player GGXrd united states participate in that tournament.
Only that question, thank you very much.

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First, you’re posting this on the wrong forum

Second, are you asking if USA GGXrd player would Participate in that tournament?

Third, why are you interested if a USA player will come to play in that tournament?


Sorry, that forum this question is asked?

  • My question is whether anyone in the United States participate in the event.
  • My interest is to understand and measure the level of Chile with the majority of players foreigners. My intention is that Guilty Gear adoption increases, as well as doing the Japanese Ruu
    Greetings and thanks for your attention



This is the forum you should have posted the question.

@d3v can you move this thread?



Dammit, do you know how hard it is to scroll down the list of sections to move on mobile? I almost gave up in between Morrigan and Nakoruru.