Tetris attack

Anybody have any strats?

work from bottom to top… usually gets great combos… x10 x11 x12s… those are hard to get…

highest combo i ever got was x9 and i can get 5-7 on a frequent basis.

tetris attack is BY far one of the best puzzle game ever made! too bad it was overlooked by many… maybe because it’s not an easy to learn game…

oh i love it :slight_smile:

The SNES version allows long chains because of game slowdown, which is awesome. Usually my brother and I would have 10+ mins matches with 12 chains and shit nonstop.

i heard they got netplay with znes… but dont know how to work it and plus… dont know how to find comp for Tetris Attack… that game is mad addictive though!

yeah, i do that some times, but i can’t find peopleto play…

Game is fun, any strats??? Just being able to look ahead for patterns I guess.

i remember i made a tetris attack thread a year ago… unfortunately… no one posted on it… i aint kidding… that game is WAY better than PUZZLE FIGHTER!

yeah, spf2 gets boring

Hey, we can have some Tetris Attack sessions over the net sometime. We can just organize when we can have some matches or something.

PS - Two2Tone, I can hook you up with Tetris Attack if you need it.

well first u gotta show me how to work it first… i dont know how to…:rofl:

Just come on AIM whenever you can and hopefully I’ll be there to help you out.

hey im down for some tetris attack…just dont know how to go about playing on the net…

can you help a nigga out?

google.com > zbattle

I can’t believe I had never heard of this game, I’m all over puzzle games.

(Just a heads up, Puyo Puyo Fever can be played online on the PC for free. You just have to obtain the japanese version somewhere.)

are you SERIOUS?

it was released as tetris attack on SNES and pokemon puzzle league on N64

Yeah I can’t believe that I missed it, it sounded familiar, but I had never actually seen gameply, I thought it was like regular Tetris, so I passed on it. (Since I was always more of a Puyo Puyo/Columns guy myself.)

Looking now, I just feel dumb for passing on it.

so? get zsnes and get that game NOW! haha
seriously, it’s one of the best and overlooked puzzle games ever. the first time i played it was when i was about 12 at a friends’ house, and i forgot the name of it, until somebody on IRC mentioned it, and i googled it… it’s so much fun.