Tetris DS Side Tournament: Any Takers?


I just want to see who would be interested in something like this.


Hmmm, this would be a much better idea than the Guilty Gear Dust Strikers side tourney…


Better idea than SSBM.


i proposed this last year and ZERO people signed up…

but i love Tetris so if you really want to do it, I’m in.


It would be if SSBM wasn’t gonna bring a BUTTLOAD of people like it’s going to. SSBM = DOLLAZ. Tetris = fun. DOLLAZ >>> fun/DOA/Tetris.


I like myself over everybody in tetris DS!!!


LOL. J.Wong already asking for donations.


I’m in.


I’m down if it’s 1v1.


I’m down for this! but let’s do 1v1…but I want to do a 10 player game for the hell of it later!:wgrin:


Proposed tourney format will go 1v1, best 3/5. If you have a dispute over something (anything), it will be settled through Rock-Paper-Scissors.


Why not Tetrinet instead?


Tetris on DS is a joke. You can T-spin anything, infinite flip with any piece, you can CLIMB STAIRCASES using slide+spin technique. You reserve a line for the hard times…What happened to a “T spin” working only for the “T”. What happened to a single slide once the piece touches? What happened to "if there is no line coming (which the game is set to reserve as long as you’re waiting on a tetris), you’re screwed and better brake it down using subsets?

I’ll mm anyone on the no BS tetris’s. Gameboy version and nintendo version. U can do a sort of T spin with the s, and the t only. No infinite slide, infinite spin, climbing stair cases, preserving pieces, ghost piece for scrubs, just straight up skill vs. skill.




If I go, I’m down for this


Yes, I’m overexaggerating (and, believe it or not, I really don’t mean to insult or anything), but I think the point still stands. I actually agree on some points (infinite spins = dumb as crap, and t-spins should be reserved for, ya know, t’s), but I just learn to adapt as I do in any other newer version. I also don’t think I’d be able to play as well or as quickly without the hard drop. I’m beyond glad they put that in the DS version. (Though I’ll hold that Puyo Puyo/Mean Bean Machine/Kirby’s Avalance, Dr. Mario, and Tetris Attack take about 28,375 times more skill than anything Tetris offers in any version, especially the last two of those…it’s like comparing Street Fighter II to 3rd Strike or Capcom vs SNK 2 or VF4/5.)

I doubt I’ll be in any sort of tourney, but I don’t see any reason that I wouldn’t be up for playing random matches. When I went to Evo 2k5, I think there were 3 DSs in the place, two of which belonged to the group of people I was in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Missed last year.


Yes, the low DS turnout in the past is the reason why I want to know in advance whether or not this would be viable.

By the way, you could always spin any piece in any Tetris. The reason it’s called “T-spin” is because it happens to be the most beneficial with the T piece, as you can clear 3 lines easily.


Well I know you’re a mod so note that the following is with the utmost(sp?) respect.
You can of course spin any piece in tetris. However there is an advance move called the t spin which can only be used to clear 2 lines at a time. It is not possible to clear 3 lines with the T spin. T spin is very practical but only applicable to specific situations. While the average tetris player wouldn’t use it any advance player does. To use it with every piece is ridiculous, this allows any scrub to come along and compete with otherwise top players. Admittedly, I’ll play any version of tetris, but I think all versions with the 7 added bonus features to help scrubs just suck.


You serious? The T-spin triple is like the most basic advanced tactic in Tetris, and it has always existed in the series (at least since the SRS movement was implemented in, like, 2000). You just didn’t get bonus points for it in the older versions. Hold and Slide are also being used in Japanese tournies these days, so I don’t really see the validity of your absurd complaint.

EDIT: Here’s a link to a Tetris wiki. Read up. http://www.tetrisconcept.com/wiki/index.php/T-spin_single_triple_single


T-Spin double nor triple weren’t added until the second gen of tetris which featured all the cheesy help scrubs mods. I’ll still beat most of the players here with bs tetris, but I think its cheesy is all. The 2nd gen of tetris pioneered by akira added all those cheesy techniques, (not that I don’t know how to do them and will if I have to) but its stupid. Random scrubs come along and get high scores. Not like back in the day when maxing out score on nintendo tetris took some super skill.