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Rulez…yes bitches don’t complain we have rules.

  1. No respect - No Avatar
  2. You spam this shit up I’ll get TG to get medieval on yo ass
  3. Don’t Bug us (If we’re taking a while on your avatar, just leave ONE post)
  4. If you don’t like the avatar, please request another one (two week rule still applies)
  5. and yes you may bow down to me :smiley: (hybrid.illusion)

Request away. :smiley:

Get cha’lls avs!









Wizard Rocket!


Archangel Ryu



alright i will be the first to request:p

Can i get an av with a darkish green backround and my name without the 009 on the top right corner. here is the pic i want it with…

my thread isnt getting anything so maybe you guys will help.

i just want violent ken and my attached pic on there but i guess you guys can decide the rest :slight_smile:

can i have one done of angelica from rugrats. thanx

sorry guys…hybriD isnt answering in AIM…i guess he is away from his computer…otherwise we would have these av’s done already…if he doesnt hurry back…ill have to do a couple by myself

The guys always away even if it shows available,oh well another team thred wow tets and hyb well well.

Can You Make Me And Avatar Of Iori I Just Want Iori In It!!! Use Wut Ever Back Ground You Want!!!:smiley: :cool:

Progress on Cha0s avatar: (before Tetsu’s additions)


:: t h i s . cOlLabZz : : t h r e a d | : | a m a s e s m e ( :: with :: ) i t s o O a w e s o m O o f u t u r i s t i c : i : n : t : e : r : n : e : t .tYPinG

amases me so much that if u don’t mind id like a avatar of Yang from 3$ using a sprite or portrait type pic or BOTH!!! i trust ya fewls w/other stuff broz

Haha :T:h:A:n:K YooOoOo!!111!!

No prollem bro…i’m waitin on tetsu to get his monkey ass online :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhmm, Hey. I can’t find any SVC Violent Ken Sprites… Can ya please hook us up with the one you want?

sorry guys it took so long…i was gone watching spiderman2:evil:

here ya go Chaos009…hope ya like it


there ya go man:lol:


i found it, the sprite isnt going to be animated right?

thanks guys, and dont forget to include the orange dude in there :slight_smile:

wUT About My AV???:confused:

i started it…i ripped a cvs2 iori sprite…i did the brushing…and pasted it over to hybrid…he is workin on it now:p

K thx!!!:smiley:

you thing it wil be finished today!?

ya deff.
it should be done here in a few mins:p

hector here’s ur av


Wiz Ur next bro