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Fuck I Love It THX!!

could you please make me an av of Spike from Cowboy Bebop, thanks in advance

thanks for the av, its great. whats this big pimpin all about

which one of you made it, so i can give you props in my sig

we both made it…i did the text on that one…angelica looks like she is pimpin:cool:

we cant use that shit jean pic on your av X…it ruins the av so were not using it

XAR here’s your av


its ok, but man that avatar looks awesome! thanks a lot guys it came out sweet! :slight_smile:

thanks again guys!

A.ryu your av is done


here is your av wizard:p


alright guys…me and hybriD are done for the night…were tired…styin up till 4 in the mornin makin av’s is dedication…lol

i hope all of u guys like your av’s:p

Tommy Pickles av?:frowning:

If it’s not of any trouble to the two of you, I’d just like to have an avatar with sprites of Mai and Athena, both in red costumes. Also, if my forum name could be on there anywhere as well…heh heh. Anything else is all right with me.

Anyway, take your time, and whatever you feel is good will work for me.


Tommy and Athen/Mai :smiley: Gotcha, be expecting them done later today. Glad everyone is liking their avatars. YOU BETTER BASTARDS! :mad: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

That is some damn fine work gentlemen! I’m especially liking wizardrocket’s av.

Can I get a black/silver sig of THIS? No sn or anything, just that symbol.
I’ll drop the canvas size for a matching av, unless you guys want too.:smiley:

yeauh mah av is sick! :slight_smile: thx bros

Can I get one of Urien doing his tackle or knee drop move?

ya sure Jorin & DG…im waiting for hybrid to get back…i dont know where he is:(

:line up:


hey thx alot man…it looks SWEEEEEET!..ur the man!

np chaos:p

here ya go DG, hybrid is gone so i had to do this one by myself, sorry if ya dont like it.


That fucking owns. :smiley:

EDIT: Ahh, I just noticed the name says DARKGYGAS, but you don’t have to change it if you don’t want to.

alright DG…here is the fixed version…this one looks better:p

I would like an avatar that had a FULL K-groove bar from CVS2 (burnning, doesnt have to be animated) And with from left to right standing behind the bar.

Bison (brushing his hair back taunt) original colour

Sagat (Hand on chin victory pose) FP colour

Guile (arms out ready to do a SB) FP colour

None of these sprite should be animted please.

Id like a dark misty background, with my name in the top right corner and team revolution in the bottom right.