Tetsu says, "come get em"

you know the rules.

-no animation
-no team avas
-only sprites
-ill make tags if you want one.
-rep me if i satisfy your needs plz :tup: (i got bad rep because i said gay dudes dont know what bitch’s are attractive to straight dudes pretty much lol) sorry fellow gay dudes, no offense to you my apologies if offended.

request away

:Avatar Pick Ups:



:Tag Pick Ups:

this is an older one i made, whoever wants it can have it.

tag i made out of the dudley ava for cynistar. anyone is welcome to have it also.

Fixed your rep~

Reserving a spot~


MC is too good.
your spot shall be reserved. just hit me up wit the sprite when you ready :tup:

hey can i get an av with dudley in his HP color?
and maybe put “gutter trash” somewhere in there?

yessir you can.

I gotcha.

reserving a spot.

Could you make me an premium sized avatar with this sprite?

Only requirement is have my username on it somewhere.

Oh you know I gotta have an av. :woot:

Here’s the link: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y52/sHaDoWKuBi/Icons/neesan2.jpg


fa sho you guys.

cynistar yours is done. hopefully ya likes it.

Please help jimRhodes?

Can you make me a nice Av with my current GWM Avatar but spiced up!

haha hell yea! it looks sick man. very nice work, and im surprised you made it so quick!

ya, ill prob. find a different iron man sprite though. with him in his normal stance i dont really have any ideas. :sad:

cynistar- lol i actually made a tag, and turned it into an ava. and howcome when you rock it the quality looks bad?? thats odd.

i dunno, i noticed that it didnt like quite as clear as the one ur using, but i didnt give it much thought. is there anything i should do to make it better quality?

ya, try using the link from the ava i posted up.

i tried using the url instead of downloading the image and then using off my computer. i hope it makes a difference, but both the one in ur post and the one as my av look the same to me. maybe i have some visual settings messed up on my laptop.

You made it 164x60 instead of 160x64, so the forum resizes it.

haha wow ic ic
that can be fixed.

edit: Fixed. :tup:

is it too late to request an av?

If you can do it, anything with this SF2 guile sprite and my name in green somewhere.
Prem sized 160 x 64
just make it tight looking like cynistars’ av bro.

Thanks in advance!

I want a tag but there isn’t any sprites that I’m really feelin’ right now, is there any chance you can work with a picture Tets?

if its a tag then ya deff.
post it up.