Tetsu says, "come get em"

^^ thanks for the fix.




with my name somewhere please. Thanks!

ill try.

Can I request one with Sami From Advance Wars?


There is a picture of dan singing near the bottom, Any frame of that will do, Or if not can you do the beefy ( Warrior)Akuma for me please?

Thank you.

pick ups

It looks great! Any chance you could make it prem sized? :sweat:

shit, forgot you wanted prem.
ya i could, im gonna finish mokoto scrubs first if thats cool.

:u: Thats fine with me. Thanks a lot!

You haven’t forgoten my tag right?

na cuz lol.

Hey TetsuoAKA,

Just wondering how that Gold War Machine Av is coming. If possible, can you add “Who is JimRhodes?”, and “I’m JimRhodes Bish!”



na i cant do animation, and i dont like working with alot of text is such a small canvas. -.-

Any updates? :tup: