Tetsu vs. Tat Guy Round 3: The Finals

Same everything as the last 2 battles.

be ready guys this one is gonna be one to actually pay attention too, tat guy has proggressed on his sprite tags by like 9347895614 times. he’s gotten the idea and worked with it till he just about hit the spot. so this is gonna be a great battle i must say. gluck to all and be ready, this shit is gonna be hot. :smokin:

I’m gonna play my SSJ3 ascension music while I do it. . .


watch and not get goosebumps. . …

haha nice. im finished with mine btw so whenever your ready, lets do it.

EDIT: im editing the tag, i PM’d you about it so dont post up what i gave you. thanks sir.

looking back at it now, dbz was soooo cheezy,

LAWL at goku for killing those people without even knowing

Someone should seriously find that song and remix it. I remember watching that on Cartoon Network and hearing the music, and I started doing pushups.

Oh snap goku gave me goosebumps…and made me fill like going poopie!!

done. . . .

aight cool. PM me the tag.

I’m going to have to look for it. . .saved it under some random name. . .probably be easier if I just made a new one. . . .

haha aight thats cool, just hit me up when your ready :smokin: